Life is about having the FREEDOM to do whatever you’d like whenever you’d like

You get to decide your balances.

You decide who you LOVE and How.

Who you surround yourself with & who you distance yourself from.

Life SHOULD be about creating experiences NOT how bills will be paid.

I started advancing my personal Liberty and Freedom over a decade ago.

All that’s required to do it is an INNATE desire to learn something new.

It sounds so cliche and trite but it’s not.

Something MAGICAL happens when you INNATELY CRAVE learning something new.

You begin to fight back against your excuses and procrastinations because now it’s all about figuring stuff out.

Excuses shuts down your mind to possibilities—you don’t have to think. It is a poor and lazy mindset.

ACTION ORIENTED LEARNING opens up your mind, forcing you to think and search for answers. It is a rich and creative mindset.

Most important, an INNATE DESIRE to learn something new and figure stuff out releases the potential of your human spirit to battle with the lazy mindset.

Most people think rationalizing their excuses and procrastinations teaches them to battle greed, but really it teaches you to find excuses, which leads to laziness.

If Liberty and Freedom is your calling you have to be IN LOVE head-over-heals with Learning something new and you’re excuses won’t hold you back any longer.

Comment below with something you’ve found that helps you battle against excuses?

If you love health and fitness like I do and interested in advancing your own freedom and liberty to do whatever you’d like when you’d like feel free to ask me what Ive been doing for over a decade. If you see it as a good fit for you we will do it together.


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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