I’m a social Capitalist..

because I think and make Nuances =)

Checks and Balances.

Capitalism works best when its checked and balanced by socialism. Socialism works best when its checked and balanced by capitalism.

Hard line capitalists and socialists are equally wrong and equally as mentally lazy. They are one or the other so they no longer have to think and figure out where we should be more leaning one way over the other.

Intelligent and thoughtful debates are about where those nuances should exist and how and where they should be balanced.

I’m neither a capitalist or a socialist. I’m a social Capitalist =)

Depending on the issue I could be a socialist or I could be a capitalist.

I feel the same about big vs small government.

I don’t want to shut off my critical thinking faculties and claim one or the other.

What’s the issue? Then I can tell you if I believe big or small government is the best answer for a solution.

A staple of our constitution and other founding documents is a system of checks and balances. There is no such thing as an unlimited freedom. Each and EVERY amendment has checks and balances and our responsibility is to debate about where those checks and balances should be.

We do ourselves and others around us a dangerous dis service when we shut off our brain and throw everything under the same blanket.

Make America smart again.

Feel free to share these great critical thinking points never talked about by capitalists or socialists.


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