Men have peed in the dating pool and made the water toxic for everyone.

Men have screwed up the psychology of women so thoroughly that women will drive out good men who will not chase her or compete against her bad behaviors.

Women are so overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and physical sick from the bad behaviors of men that they’ve put up impenetrable walls that go beyond being justifiably cautious.

Here is what men need to do. I don’t give a fffffflip what anyone says because this is 100% true.

Men need to give women their time and space to heal from the onslaught of bad experiences from men. Men need to start focusing on themselves to develop an exciting life they are actually proud of and worth while of inviting a woman into.

Women, from a good mans perspective I would highly recommend you swear off dating until you are healed. At the moment, most of you woman are so badly traumatized that a good man most likely won’t be recognized as a good man. If you are healed, if your engine is running clean and healthy, it becomes easy for you to discern a good man from the bad ones who perhaps also need to focus on their own healing instead of dating.

Most women have no congruence between what they say they want and what they actually do. I hate to say this but when you hear most woman say what they are looking for in a man it’s either directly not true, or, not true based on critical omissions. A woman with a healthy connection to herself is going to be a woman who is congruent between what she says and what she does.

Men will buy women drinks they don’t even know. On dating apps the average woman will receive over 100 likes in the same amount of time it will take the average guy to receive 1 like (this is literal!). Women receive so much pointless validation from men that it screws their heads up to the point of developing entitlement behavior of asking men for resources and then expecting men to always say yes no matter what. When a man has standards and enough self worth to say “no” to a woman she is shocked because she’s not use to being said “no” to when asking him for access to his wallet.

Men, stop buying women you don’t know a drink! When a woman asks you to buy her a drink say “no!”. Not rudely or politely; indifferently. “No” is a one word sentence. Women! “No” is a one word sentence. Recipients of a telemarketers sales pitch! “No” is a one word sentence! Men, you have brain worms if you think you’re getting closer to sex or even a date just because you give a woman access to your wallet. She is just using you for free stuff! She is going to have more respect for someone like me who says “no!”. If she is going to go out on a date with someone it’s more likely going to be the odd man of standards who doesn’t blindly pump her ego with pointless validation. You don’t stand out when you buy a woman you don’t know a drink. She has an endless sea of lazy men who are doing the same thing as you. All of you are peeing in the same dating pool; making it toxic for everyone with your endless pointless ego pumping validation toward women.

Online and offline you’re compliments focus on their looks. You don’t think they hear that ALL THE TIME from men they don’t even know? You don’t stand out! How does that not sink into your heads?

Also, women love sex just as much as men but they have the burden of worrying about being thought of as slutty or at fault if it turns out bad which it almost always does! So stop using forced sexual banter! Let that happen organically over the passing of time without any agenda! Go home and masturbate if you need to get off. Get that out of your system before you go out so you don’t make a jackass out of yourself, men.

I could tell you fantastic stories of experiences I’ve had simply saying “no” to a woman I don’t even know asking me to buy her a drink. I’ll share one because it represents the macro.

I was on one of my trips to a far away and exotic tropical locale. A physically attractive woman dressed up all sexy approached me with a nice compliment on my appearance. She admired my posture and how well put together I was with my fashion sense. I had an idea what was most likely going to come next but I gave her a fair chance with me without projecting past women onto this one. Unfortunately she did proceed to do what most other women do. Her compliments might have been genuine but they were also meant to disarm me when she followed up with, “They make really good drinks here I would just love it if you bought us a drink.” To which I said, “I’m not drinking but I’m sure the bartender would be thrilled to sell you a drink if you want to buy one.”. The look on her face was the same one I always get in return when I say No to a woman. She was stunned. A deer in the headlights. She didn’t know what to say. Clearly she was not use to being said “no” to. Clearly she NEVER has to buy her own drink because their is an endless supply of lazy dopey brain dead men lacking the self worth or the standards to say “no” to a woman.

I’m attracted to women who are attracted to men who have standards and self worth. This is my backstop philosophy driving my decision to say “no” to a woman in this particular circumstance. If a woman is offended over my standards then she is not for me anyway so what do I care.


Every woman knows I am dead on right whether they want to admit it out loud or not.

One of my ex female friends severed our friendship over that observation I made because she knows it’s dead on true and she hasn’t dealt with that reality in a healthy way but instead a history of being treated terribly by the men she has chosen. It’s self sabotage if you’re a woman.


Look at that statement logically and the end game it leads to when you apply it. Women, If you go with a guy who has no standards or self worth it’s a toxic unhealthy relationship before it even gets started. Same thing with you MEN! If you’re a man and you get upset when you buy a woman a drink who ultimately does not have sex with or date you you’re being an idiot. Stop pissing in the pool. You’re swimming in your own piss. Stop being a jackass. The rest of us don’t want to swim in your piss pool either so STOP! ALL MEN, STOP!

The way to improve dating culture is for men to start saying “no” to women in the situations I described.

In an overwhelming generalization women dominate the dating scene. They decide who goes on a date and who has sex. A fair argument can be made that men decide who gets into a real relationship but that’s another topic for another day.

The power dynamic is so insanely one sided between men and women that men are better positioned to begin this leveling and healing process for everyone simply by saying “no” to women. If enough men do this, then the unhealthy part of womens egos everywhere would be destroyed. This would force the mind to become fertile for needed healing and for personal growth and development which makes all of us more attractive on a deeper more meaningful level. Once individuals have beautiful healthy connections with themselves they could develop beautiful healthy organic unforced connections with other human beings.

I have a great loving connection with myself. I can connect with other humans all day long. When I’m connecting with another human who is also well connected with themselves then that connection goes to a whole other level and that is sadly extremely rare which says a lot about how truly sick our culture is on a depressingly wide scale. This does not only apply to potential lovers, but friends and relationships of all kinds.

IF men would start to say “no” to women then women would no longer have the entitled mentality of never having to pay her own way and the domino affect of other unhealthy mindsets from there. Men would no longer be expected to feel ok about being treated like a human ATM machine. Men and women could focus on getting to know each other to see how it really feels deep down inside and be ok with recognizing mismatches without dehumanizing the other. Love and understanding could be the focus. Treating other humans as property of micro management could become a thing of the past. Unfair projections of past bad behavior on future connections could cease to exist. The frustrations of tip toeing around constant eggshells because god forbid someone decides to take offense will not be tolerated anymore! Gratitude, graciousness, PASSION, loveliness, deep romantic kissing with an amazing partner…sigh… That sounds better than the culture we have now.

Men, stop being wusses and start saying “no”. I don’t care what anyone says women want you to start saying “no”! Women find standards and self worth to be more attractive than constant ‘yes’ men. In the meantime you’re making it so easy for me to positively stand out but I would much rather feel a healthy culture. Out of my own self interest I’m tired of having to walk away from otherwise good women who have been traumatized and not at all ready for a healthy relationship. ALL OF US are sick and tired of being sick and tired. So MEN, stop being wusses and start saying “no”.

Here is something horrifying I want to share with you based on personal experiences. I have dated women before where she freaked out because she was not use to a man with standards and self worth. She was not use to being treated with love, passion, respect, not treated like human property, not placed on a pedestal, not a constant ‘yes’ man, encouraging of her dreams and ambitions etc. These particular women I’ve witnessed run from the potential of a healthy relationship only to go back to what she was familiar with. I’ve seen women leave good men to go back to the same ole some ole and get beaten, sometimes physically, as well as emotionally. Women, you’ve got to stop dating for the time being and heal yourselves so you’ll never allow yourselves to be treated like you are someones property ever again. You’ve got to stop looking for the endless pointless validation from men in the form of buying you stuff and praising you online every time you upload a sexy picture. Men, you’ve got to stop being wusses and start saying ‘no’. It’s time to clean up the piss from the pool.

If you have something you’d like to add, a story you’d like to share, a new commitment you’re making to yourself or a future partner, drop your words in the comments let’s learn from and support each other. Or if you just wanna tell me how great and healthy my skin looks that’s cool to who am I to say no to that!

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