Rules and simps around dating is meant for playing games and manipulating human emotions

You’re a “simp” if you do this. Don’t do that or you’re a simp! Lots of rules to follow to avoid being a simp! You know what an actual simp is? A man (or woman!) who chases after someone who has pulled away.

They say don’t send a woman a good morning text because only simps do that. BS – If she (or he) is interested in you she will reciprocate.

They say don’t text a woman right away. Wait a couple days or you’re a simp! BS – If she is interested in you she will love hearing from you and she will put real effort into engaging in the conversation with you.

You know what all of these so called simp rules are? They are games. It’s a rule book for how to play games and toy with peoples emotions. It’s the equivalent of pissing in the dating pool which has made the water toxic for everyone.

If a woman ( or man ) is not showing up with any effort or emotional investment then they are not interested in you or they are playing a game. If you feel confused then most likely they are not interested in you. If someone is distancing themselves from you, from investing any effort with you and you still send the good morning texts, the various ego pumping meaningless pointless validations toward her, then you are chasing rather than pursuing and that’s what simps do.

Good humans are frustrated when you show really low effort in conversation.

What we truly desire is reciprocation because it demonstrates you really care about us and the relationship.

We rely on you being able to communicate. It’s extremely frustrating to good people when we are expected to read your mind instead of getting a straight forward answer. This is why you don’t want to play games with a good human because those types of games we want no part in we can spot from a mile away just before walking away, from you.

Without reciprocation or at least a clear show of effort you’re either playing those simp games and we will walk away which will leave you frustrated because you lost us as a result of some really bad simp rule you subscribed to from someone else who told you it was a good idea. Or, if there is no reciprocation the other possibility is you’re genuinely not interested so it becomes on us to move on and enjoy our lives we built for ourselves that we are proud to live and eventually invite the right woman to be part of. Either way, no outwardly expressed reciprocation means move on.

A quick fix for a very toxic dating pool would simply be for all of us to move on when there is no reciprocation. I’m sure that will never happen but all of us individually are in control of our own decisions and one silver lining to our toxic dating pool is it makes it easy for us good humans to positively stand out and there is worthwhile value in that. Fellow good humans will recognize that and appreciate it.

At the end of the day it’s about attracting someone for a healthy reciprocating relationship where both humans involved are investing effort, energy, time, nourishment, and growth. If it’s about simply hooking up with someone then that’s an entirely different conversation. I personally won’t perpetuate hook up culture I think it does more emotional harm than good because it’s so vacuous and empty. To each their own but my video and blog channels are not going to prop up and perpetuate hook up culture. My content is for people who are attracted to healthy long term reciprocating relationships of all kinds.

What are some examples you have of games that have been played on you that you spotted from a mile away? How do you respond when you recognize you are being gamed? I love the more meaningful comments because they not only help me refine myself but others reading the comments also get benefit from your experiences too.

My favorite positive about the comments section is it’s always an opportunity for people to help and support each other.

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