Mentally Challenging How you Think About Money

debtThe only difference between the poor who get rich, the poor who stay poor, and the middle who Join the poor is How they spend Their Time..

(By the way the TRULY RICH measures their wealth by their TIME not their money and they realize there is a relationship between time and money)

Let this empower you NOT insult you. I don’t share this to Offend Anyone but to CHALLENGE how you think about Money.

Most people believe its the government that causes the rich to get richer and the poor and middle to become poorer.

Our Tax Laws, fiscal and monetary policies, favor the rich and penalize the Middle. Doesn’t it make sense to transition into the rich then?! Seriously… Tax laws Shift in your favor in an INSTANT if you LEARN what you’re doing even if you have zero money.

Bet ya didn’t know that did ya?

Tax laws don’t care if you like them. Tax laws are saying “– USE ME”…

Our schools don’t teach this. The very little financial education still being taught in our schools are old obsolete ideas that worked forty years ago and if you try them today those old ideas that use to work will make you Poor.

Working for money and for a paycheck Steals Wealth from you and your family. The more money you make the more you’re penalized for it by taxes.

Wealth transfers from financially dumb to financially smart people every second of every day unknowingly by the financially dumb.

Saving money as a means of Wealth building actually transfers your wealth to the financially literate. The savings rate is always lower than inflation and you’re taxed on it at the highest tax rate in the land so your savings account gets slapped by a double whammy sending more of your wealth off to people more financially sound than you.

Spending money on bills, food, necessity and luxury, funded for by selling your time for money increases your tax bill and makes it nearly impossible to get ahead and IMPOSSIBLE to detach yourself from money because you’re time is always tied to money and can be taken away from you at any time.


You’ve been working how many years now and you’re still not able to STOP selling your time, your mind, your body, and your spirit for a paycheck or you lose your ability to pay bills and put food on the table?


All incentives go toward business activities that provide food, commodities, housing, energy,and business growth.


Passive and residual income – become an expert in this type of income.

Don’t listen to me about all this stuff =) I’d rather you were free thinking. But use what I’ve said to start thinking DIFFERENTLY and realizing your own progress no matter how bad things are right now… There is always someone worse off than you who figured it out.

We are so DEEP in the information age now that ignorance is a CHOICE especially Financial Ignorance.

So DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND and make a decision you’re going to learn about how money really works in the 21st century. Make a decision you’re no longer going to be among the 98% of the financially DUMB population transferring their wealth to people financially smarter than they are.

And for the love of all that’s Holy don’t insert your Moral Money High ground with incredibly Self Serving Ego Trippy attitudes like, “I don’t need money to be happy” while a billion kids in the world are starving to death at the expense of your personal Ego trip to feel good about your financial moral high ground.

With Love =)

– Tom

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