Middle America you are the cause for most human suffering

“Follow the money” is loosely thrown around.

When people say “Follow the money” they are talking about politicians, lawyers, doctors, beneath the surface of their shallow spoken words.

What about YOUR money?

It’s easy to say “follow the money” when you’re talking about other people.

What about when YOU buy stuff made in other countries where Child Slavery is accepted and human suffering is condoned so you get your product for a nickel cheaper?

What about all the blood, death, and Human suffering on your hands if we “follow the money” on your money you spend?

How much income and inequality did YOU personally contribute if we “follow the money” of your spending habits?

How much Ego do you have to not question where your time and MONEY is going?

Middle America you’re a COWARD to save a nickel at the expense of children half way around the world.

If we “follow the money” in your own spending we would find the majority of middle America funds child sex slave rings, human trafficking, human suffering, corruption in business and in politics, and you were even DUMB enough to DECIMATE your own livelihood so someone else could have more while you have less.

Middle america needs an ego check because they are the dumbest most immoral and self sabotaging people on planet earth if we “follow the money”.

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follow your heart

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