Missing my dad while discovering the phone number of an old Navy Friend who I was named after

I sure do miss my dad.

Last night my mom came across an old navy friend of my dads. They served together as best friends from 1967 to 1974 including on the super dreadnought Iowa class Battleship New Jersey in Vietnam. The stories they have are incredible.

I remember my dads friends name being mentioned a lot growing up but I never met the guy. His first name is Tom. I was named after him. My mom and I had no idea if Tom knew my dad passed on a few months ago. So having never met the man I was named after I gave him a call.

Even though they haven’t seen each other since forever ago he got all chocked up over the phone. It was obvious to me he was fighting to keep back tears. He had no idea his friend had passed on.

I told him about my dads final years and his final moment. I told him that even though he struggled to breath and was on oxygen the last 9 years of his life hear on earth he still went out and played poker, enjoyed life, even took my mom on a great Alaskan cruise just week or so before he fell deathly ill and passed on. I told him he was still joking around the way he does right up to his final day in the hospital. I told him thankfully my dad relaxed into a peaceful sleep and essentially never woke up again.

It was a really good phone call. I feel like it was one of the most important phone calls I’ve ever made in my life to a man I’ve never met but was named after.

My mom and I have witnessed lots of people crying as their reaction to the news of my dads passing. My dad was really loved.

Thank you dad for being my dad.

And here come the tears in real time as I’m typing this. Dammit. OH well. Let it flow. So now that I’m sitting here crying as I type this.. Dammit dad I miss you. Can’t wait to see you again but I promise I will enjoy life here on earth til we see each other again. You have a talent for making people laugh much more than I do. I am envious of you dad that you have that gift of making people laugh and to feel good. I have to go finish crying now. When I finish it will just be temporary I’m sure something will trigger me again it’s only a matter of time. You’re looking down from heaven probably rolling your eyes at me..ha.

I love you dad. Thank you and mom for adopting me.


p.s. Mom and Jay are doing well we all just really miss you.

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