MLM Scams

I went down my first rabbit hole of “MLM Scams” on youtube.

I’m in an MLM and even I agree with the sentiments I saw.

The youtube videos I came across so far are focused on the cult like behaviors of it’s participants. A large plurality of MLM’rs I don’t hang out with because they are annoying and in my lay opinion, not mentally healthy.

My main disagreement with the opinions I saw is they seem to have binary vision. “All of it’s a scam and all of it’s participants are in a cult.” Very few things in life can accurately be depicted in binary. MLM has a lot of nuances in it that will not be recognized by people looking through a binary lens. Like any other industry there are a mix of all different kinds of people and behaviorisms. To skip over that with a binary perspective is lazy.

I got in an MLM in 2007. The one I got into I got into because they didn’t act like a bunch of annoying cultists! There were other reasons too but I was taken by surprise because before going to the event I fully expected a bunch of weirdos drinking spiked koolaid trying to push that stuff on me.

My whole M.O. of how I sell product is this..

I show it to whoever wants to look at it, if they are comfortable sharing their goals with me so I can recommend a specific product that lines up with their goals that’s always helpful, and then I let them know if they wanna try it out great if not no big deal. If someone decides against it I don’t gaslight them. It’s fine. There are over 300 million people in the usa and we are open in other countries as well so I’m pretty sure I will always be able to find people looking for what I have to offer.

Same M.O. with the MLM side of the product. If someone has a financial or a time freedom goal I show them the business side and if they wanna do it great if not no big deal. I don’t gaslight someone who decides against it. It’s fine. Really.

Do I wish ALL MLM’ers operated this way? YES. Will they? Certainly No. Will obnoxious people dissuade me from the industry? Eff no.

Same to you. If you wanna see what I’ve got, product or business, let me know. I’ll show it to you. If you wanna do it great if not no big deal. What a fabulous opportunity to plug my stuff <3


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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