My Beautiful House I purchased in cash No Mortgage Time to let someone else LOVE this House

My dad passed on over 4 months ago now.

I’ve slept over at my house twice since then IF you can believe that.

Here is an INTERESTING development in my personal life. Voice your thoughts in the comments? Maybe youll think of stuff I have not thought of….

I’ve been at my parents house. It’s now my moms house. I haven’t gotten use to saying “my moms house” because it’s always been “my parents house”. I’ve had no interest in living at my place since my dad passed on. Even when my dad was still physically with us I spent a lot of time at my parents house. I’d say half the days and nights would be at my house and the other half at my parents house. Since my dad passed on ive been just at my parents house.. Or I mean, my moms house.

For over four months now my house is just sitting there costing me money.

I’m in contact with my property management company about adding my house to my portfolio of rental properties.

Instead of costing me lots of money my house will make me money, lots of money actually because it has no rent and no mortgage. I paid for this house in cash which is actually a huge part of my story to attract people into the profession that I got into over ten years ago. Feel free to pm me about that if you love learning something new. Maybe you’d like to no longer pay rent or a mortgage.

This arrangement was not planned but it’s working out very well for my mom and I.

So far the only hindrance I can see would be if I meet a woman and we have a nice romantic evening at “moms house” LoL!!!

Nahh… I can always get a hotel if I need to and not just for romance but if I need a day or a week by myself I can always get a nice hotel suite or something =)

Yes so far im feeling good about this. We will see if I actually do it or if I hang onto my house and let it keep costing me money. When i put it like that, Im pretty sure I will end up deciding to have it make me money than cost me money.

What do you guys and gals think?


P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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