REAL Human Solidarity Not Cut Throat and Leaving People Behind

I’m not interested in competing with anyone I hope we all make it. Winners and Winners rather than Winners and Losers. Ya with me?

The status quo of business as usual depends on you to obediently go for that promotion up the food chain of Cut Throat. Someone is going to be promoted while others are left behind. Someone is going to win at the expense of others who are going to lose. This is the antithesis of solidarity. But here is the clever part of their Scam against you. They will create a team of obedient workers who function in solidarity knowing all along that someone will win while the others will lose. It’s not possible to bring others with you it’s in the nature of the beast.

If you’re eagerly looking outside of that familiar box that maybe you’re SICK of working inside of there is a BIG financial incentive for REAL HUMAN SOLIDARITY, being promoted, and making money from bringing people with you NOT by cut throat and leaving people behind. <3

I’ve been working faithfully in this BETTER way for over a decade. I haven’t needed a job since before February of 2010. I did it by bringing other people WITH me in true human solidarity. I’m still doing it. I may have RETIRED from the job Racket in February of 2010 at the age of 32 but I have no plans to retire from this BETTER WAY of being promoted and making money even in my 40s.

All that’s required is a love of learning something new and an EAGER curiosity to explore outside of the box of which you are familiar with.

Be EAGER to operate from a place of craving to learn and a curious mind and then suddenly every excuse and concern you’ve ever had EVOLVES into something you’re eager to learn and figure out.

If you have an intrinsic desire to learn something new with a curiosity to explore beyond what you already know then feel free to private message me. I’ll send you info. It’s your call if you see this as a better way for you to accomplish your goals in true human solidarity and accomplish more time freedom to be able to do whatever you want when you want.

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P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need:

follow your heart

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