Obedient Workers make Good Domesticated Pets (OUCH!!!)

follow your heartEveryone is BORN a Natural Entrepreneur and a Scholastic GENIUS but our School system takes it out of them and teaches people to be Obedient Workers.

Schools for thousands of years up until the late 1800s were never brick and mortar buildings where kids were forced to go sit in neat little rows and chant and memorize pre selected answers to stick in blank science exams to get a good grade.

Every child is born a natural scholastic genius. Scholar means one who observes out of interest. Children observe out of interest and it fires their imaginations and creativity which is everything. And then all of a sudden they go sit in a classroom and chant and memorize.

Thats not how we learn. We learn when we are sincerely interested in something.

80% of kids lose their creative scholastic genius within 3 – 4 years of academic indoctrination of chant memorization curriculums they have no interest in.

WE have to get back to honoring creativity.

When you do what you have a natural desire to do and you’re passionate about it, that is one of the most healing things you can do in your entire life, that is to follow that innate inherent passion that gives you pleasure every day.

Most people are Crushed.

Their spirit is dead.

They went through the whole academic indoctrination graduating from the university of bullshit, got a job, worked it for thirty years and realized “I feel like Ive wasted my life”.

Its never too late!

Find your passion, shift and go forward.

Scholar means to observe with interest.
Academic means Trivia.

Are you a master of memorizing trivia? Do you observe with sincere interest?

Yup I’m talkin to you =)

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– Tom

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