What do you LOVE doing?

What are you BEST at? What can you do that No One else can do like you? Do yo know yourself well enough to answer those questions?

Are you sick ‘n fuckin tired of being controlled through the dependency of money to pay your bills?

follow your heartMy next question will Dismiss half of you…LoL Do you have the creativity and ingenuity to figure out how to create residual and passive money doing what you love doing?? #DeathToMediocrity
Without Residual and Passive money you are controlled through the dependency of money to pay your bills even if you’re already doing what you love. You have to keep showing up to re create a paycheck over and over again or it stops. What a Scam.

Residual and passive money is your financial freedom which is your TIME freedom to spend your time however the fuck you want without living underneath the thumb of anyone who can tell you want to do and the freedom from being controlled through the dependency of money to pay your bills. SOME of the ultra rich NEEDS you to continue being an Obedient worker. Residual and Passive money is your Liberty and Your Freedom from that Scam. Residual and Passive money is your Antidote from that POISON that robs you of your time and your spirit.

For those of you with an attention span greater than the average THANK YOU =) Now it’s solution time….

MLM is a Compensation model that pays you to do what you Love doing. You’re not doing MLM. You’re doing YOU. MLM is a compensation model that pays YOU to do YOU, not the other way around. So, “I’m not good at MLM I don’t’ like MLM” Doesn’t exist. The MLM Model is Both Residual and Passive at the same time. People who are drawn to the MLM compensation model are people who love freedom and are DONE being an obedient worker enslaved in various human domestication programs known as jobs and Self Employment.

And there you have it.

This isn’t a sales post. It’s not a business post.
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follow your heart

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