Outside the Box of Average Thinking..

tombirkenmeyercomBig SHOUT OUT and Congrats to Danielle AKA fit and funky!

She got outside the box of Average thinking when things got Dire.

She drew a line in the sand and ran the opposite direction of how most people think and act.

Trying to take care of her kids and family being broke wasn’t working out.

EVERYONE says they are unique and NOT at all like most people…

Danielle saw an income opportunity that she did not Have ANY money for. She was DEAD Broke.

What do most people say? “I can’t afford it.” “It’s a Pyramid.” “I looked it up and saw negative reviews” etc.. Just like most people while telling everyone how unique they are in the next breath.

Danielle use to be like most people.

She drew a line in the sand.

She went into negative balance to buy her new business which caused over draft fees in the hundreds of dollars in addition to the red she had put herself in to buy her business in the first place.

Can you hear average people criticizing and even Yelling at Danielle for getting into one of those “things” and causing more debt in her life?  Can you hear them tell her how irresponsible she was in doing that considering she has kids to feed while wagging a finger in her face?

Today Danielle is a new Millionaire. Feeding her kids and nurturing her family is no longer a problem. Being able to have more to contribute more to a planet that is dying is no longer a problem.

I’ve experienced this too when I got started in august of 2007 when I had no job and no income. I didn’t even use my own money to start. I was Criticized by Average thinking people the MINUTE I BROKE AWAY From Averaging Thinking.

Today I’m free and I can contribute more to healing a Dying planet. My critics are still a slave to money livin pay check to pay check or worse. They’ll draw a line in the sand when they decide they’re ready.

Todays average is not yesterdays average. Todays average has reduced itself to broke, sick, poor, on meds, no ability to create contribution to a planet that is dying and they are living the life of a lie.

Todays average thinking person is in the business of protecting their ego from getting hurt which doesn’t work anyway and robs the world of their gifts.

Sometimes you have to step back and instead of looking at what you think you know, look at your results. You’re results will show you what you know and what you don’t know more than looking at what you think you know.

Have you been guilty of thinking and doing like most people?

Danielle was til she made a different decision than she was use to making. I did til I made different decisions than I was use to making before.

I drew a line in the sand.. Danielle drew a line in the sand.. Others have drawn lines in the sand who have it worse than you.. If you want to you can draw a line in the sand too.

Your circumstances won’t matter as to when you draw a line in the sand. Often times people draw that line when they are at their worst. It’s never a case of “when circumstances get better ill get better”… That’s average thinking. In reality you’ll make a different decision to get better first then things get better.

You’ve been born with a gift of being able to change your mind. Sometimes you just need to be reminded you’ve changed your mind before. You can do it again.

– Tom

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