11 Ways People Are Easily Manipulated To Do Anything Under Illusions of Free Will

tombirkenmeyercomMost people are Easily Manipulated to do ANYTHING because they look outside themselves for what they want.

Here are 11 of the most Common ways people allow themselves to be Easily Manipulated:

1.) A job for a way to pay your bills…

2.) The government or some company to take care of your retirement…

3.) The wellness of the economy and value of the dollar to afford nice things…

4.) Acceptance and Approval from everyone..

5.) Seek comfort in fitting inside the shrinking box of how others want you to be.

6.) Someone to tell you what to do because you refuse to be Self Motivated.

7.) Medications to take the place of a lazy irresponsible life style.

8.) Blanket statements so you no longer have to think, make discernment, or see two opposing ideas and still be able to function.

9.) Excuses so you no longer have to think and find solutions.

10.) Distractions, especially from political and media figures, so you don’t have to consider real issues but instead take in a phony side show designed to keep you ignorant, shackled, and manipulated.

11.) Comfort so you don’t have to mature, grow, or grow up.

Over 80% of people pay other people to poison them with the food they purchase and eat.

98% of people have been manipulated into working for money to pay their bills and then feel grateful for when they get their next pay raise or some other perceived “work benefit”.

Few people are free thinking conscious people.

Few people are living their life free of a lie.

Few people are actually pulling more of their true authentic self and personalities out into the world and GIFTING the world with what only they can gift the world with.

Most will continue living the life of a lie, not being authentic, continue to be easily manipulated by other people, and staying in the business of protecting their egos from getting hurt.

Some will draw a line in the sand and decide to be more of who they truly are, become uneasily manipulated, and selflessly giving the world their unique gifts.

A good teacher is a teacher who lifts people up to be free thinking.

Question me..

Google Me..

I don’t teach to gain blind students. I’m a teacher. I don’t work for Money. I pay success forward so other Willing Free thinking people can create Freedom and Contribution too.

You can too if you want to.

Give up depending on and being NEEDY on external forces outside of your brain to get what you want.

When you look from the INSIDE out you’ll LIBERATE yourself to make your Dreams come true and when you do your dreams will come true to the Benefit of others around you.

It’s the SELFISH to procrastinate on your dreams..

It’s the easily manipulated who were conditioned by our culture to give up on their dreams to join the “real world” by other small minded peoples definitions…

Its the Easily manipulated who are needy for the acceptance and approval of everyone who gets uncomfortable if they grow outside of their little box of who they expect you to stay.

Draw a line in the sand my friend.

If you want to.. Draw a line in the sand.

– Tom

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