Pyramid Scams are How People are Compensated at their Job and Most Self Employment Experiences

So how do you get out of that Racket?

Learn Residual and Passive Income.

Residual income means it builds on top of itself.

Passive means it comes in regardless of how you spend your time which means you can Eventually detach yourself from Money and become a Free Human Being no longer Beholden to anyone who can control or manipulate you through money dependency.

To build passive income up residually detaches a person from being controlled and manipulated by the dependency of the dollar the fastest.

Real Estate or Network Marketing are the two main ways to build passive income residually.

Only two percent of the population has the money to start up a viable real estate business so network marketing is the best option for almost everyone.

Network Marketing is commonly referred to as a pyramid scam to keep people obedient to their jobs because obedient people are easy to control and manipulate through their neediness for money to pay bills, food and nourishment, false promises of security and stability, etc.

Network marketing is the ultimate F.U. an establishment that needs your obedience to thrive.

They best way to mess up the establishments plans for you is to build passive income residually in a Network Marketing business. This will entirely mess up their plans to control and manipulate you.


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