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Would you like to know what will get you the FASTEST results? Would you like to know EXACTLY what to say to people?

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IF you are in such a hurry to recruit someone, you may be missing one of the main ingredients to creating Network Marketing success which is…

Being in it for the Long run.

I talk to so many people that NEED to recruit people quickly and they come across as if they don’t recruit someone quickly they are going to quit or determine that the profession is not a fit for them.

IF you carry that mindset, the profession probably ISN’T a fit for you.

Imagine ANY other business…

What if someone got their restaurant started, invested in the tables, chairs, permits, ovens, silverware, napkins, commercial signage, waiters, waitresses, chef, host or hostess, bathroom fixtures, lighting, menus and all the thousand other things needed to start a restaurant only to carry the attitude that if they didn’t see a FAST result in that business they were going to close shop?

If you google the average return on investment on a restaurant it ranges between 14% and 20%. This means, ON AVERAGE, it could take you between five years to over 7 years…just to get your investment back!

And some people in the network marketing profession complain about investing a few hundred bucks lol

Bottom line: IF you require fast results and will quit if you don’t see them because you are just “testing out” this whole home business deal to see if it works, save your money, go get a nice steak dinner and don’t be so concerned with those entrepreneur dreams, if you are so quick to quit, I can vouch that it just isn’t going to work out for you.

OK, enough of that, let’s get into the meat of this post!

The fastest method of Network Marketing Recruiting, in my opinion, is reaching out to warm market (before you close the page, let me explain as I have help for ALL types of people)

1. IF you have never been a part of a network marketing company and have never approached your warm market with one AND you have respect and trust with your warm market because you have been a good friend to them and kept your word on varying subjects over the years, CONGRATS, you are going to recruit pretty easily, just hit them with this: “Hey, I have never come to you with this sort of thing before and although I have been approached hundreds of times over the years I have never joined any but this one got me excited. I respect you and I think you respect me, take a look at this video and if you see what I see, let’s rock it together and if not, totally cool and I won’t bring it up again.”

2. If you have been in a few different network marketing opportunities over the years and your warm market knows this, but they do have some form of respect for you but just haven’t joined you in your different ventures, here’s the approach I suggest: “I know you have seen me do a few different things over the years and honestly I have invested a decent amount of money to research, participate in and locate an opportunity that I felt was out of this world and I do believe I found one. You may or may not agree and that is definitely OK but I wanted to reach out to you and see if you would be open to taking a look at it. I am going to run with this thing with or without you but would love to do it with you. If you are open to it, great, if not, no big deal, would you be open to giving me 20 minutes of your time to just take a look?”

3. OK, so, you have been in every company and you have hyped the hell out of your friends. You’ve surprise attacked them by inviting them over for dinner and then busting out a whiteboard. You attended THEIR birthday party and figured it made sense to bring product samples as everyone needs to know about your amazing product. For their wedding you bought them a starter pack. Every picture you post on Facebook, even the one taken at Uncle Jeb’s funeral has to include a company logo or you wearing the company pin.

Let’s face it, your warm market pretty much hates you and talks crap behind your back pretty much all the time. What will NOT work for you is ANYTHING to do with pitching them the business. You don’t really have a warm market, you have a BURNT market. You could tell them that if they handed you a $5 dollar bill you would hand them back a $20 bill and they would decline even after you show them proof of the $20. You have no prayer of them wanting to do ANY business with you because they HATE the way you operate. As crazy as it sounds, I have a solution for even you, dark perpetrator of common sense human communication strategies! Now, I DO suggest you improve your crazy ways but this is the ONLY script that could POSSIBLY get you a customer or signup. “Hey, I am doing a new business and before you freak out just know that I KNOW for sure that it is NOT a fit for you. I know I have approached you in all kinds of wild ways before I was trained better and for that I apologize. I was pretty stupid and I now see that and hope you can forgive me. Like I said, I don’t think the business is a fit at all for you but you really might like the product/service and it may be helpful to you and your family. If you don’t want to even check it out, I definitely understand but at least wanted to let you know about it”

This script combines an apology with vulnerability, addresses the elephant in the room AND deflects the business. Depending on how hardcore you have been with them, it will at least give you a shot whereas no other scripts taught by trainers would have a chance against this group of people you know.

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