Republican or Democrat you’re all full of poo

War… It’s the one thing that makes our political Donors happier than anything else because it makes trillions of dollars.

I may delete this entire thread after posting it. WE shall see =)

We have a president who promised to “drain the swamp” and “I can’t be bought” who ended up taking Donor money just like the rest, and does their bidding, just as the rest. Our president, just like congress, takes legalized bribery and is completely bought and paid for.

We have a president and a congress on both the left and right who does not represent you or me.

Republican or democrat you’re all full of poo.

They do not represent you or I but you still vote for them.

They represent their donors not you so stop voting for them it’s obnoxiously self sabotaging.

YOU have to pay for socialism to the rich and powerful donors.

Our president is full of socialism but only for their donors not for you. YOU have to suffer losses, and if you gain you have to pay taxes… Otherwise how will they fund socialism for their donors??? You are saddled with that burden.

Our president railed against double standards. There is an economic double standard against you because you did not contribute a million dollors to the political class!

Our president railed against wealth redistribution while sponsoring legislation that redistributes wealth at a higher dollar than ALL presidents past.


Because he is bought and paid for like all the rest.

We need to get all private money Out of politics. We cannot have honorable agreements or disagreements with any of them so long as they are on the take they have a conflict of interest that would be illegal anywhere else except for in politics.

We cannot have a representative government so long as their is private money in politics.

If you’re on the left, or the right, it does matter to get the private money OUT of politics.


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