Snobbery is Good; Sometimes

There is one particular form of snobbery that could actually save your life and inspire others to save their life, too.

Let me explain…

I’m going to use two examples.

1.) Food.

I consider myself a food snob. You might be like, “I don’t wanna be one of those”.  Just maybe, yes, yes you do want to be a food snob without demeaning other people. Let me share why…

If you’re a food snob you’re gonna care about what you put into your body. You’re going to make informed decisions instead of just going along with whatever you’ve been programmed.  You’re not likely to be an obedient consumer that’s going to make drug private health insurance companies lots of money.  You’re not likely going to make very evil crooked corrupt people rich at the expense of yourself so they can have more while you have less.

So pay attention to what you eat.

Instead of the deep fried double wide have immune boosting food. Have your anti-inflammatory food. Have your plant based whole foods and your natural GMO free food.


Because you’re gonna FEEL better. You’re gonna BE better. You’re gonna LIVE better and you’re not gonna be a sucker for the drug and private health insurance companies anymore.

You’re not gonna be a sucker for people that make their living and their extreme riches at the sheer willful ignorance of their consumers.

I’m not going to be that person either.

I’m not any better than anybody else however my actions I believe are far better than the actions of most people.

You’re better than a deep-fried double wide greasy whatever.

You’re better than that behavior.

You’re not better than the people who engage in that behavior. You’re just better than that behavior and it’s worth it.

By the way when you become a food snob, an extra added benefit is that you get to elevate your taste buds. You actually get to enjoy food more not less. It’s a common misconception that people who eat healthier don’t enjoy their food as much. No, you get to enjoy food more not less.

2.) Money.

I’m a money snob, too.

Did you know that if you have more money you can give more?

Did you know that there’s going to be tens of thousands of people that are going to die this year because they don’t have frickin food and healthy drinking water?

Can you believe that crap?

Did you know that money could save their lives by getting them those things that they need?

Did you know that?

Did you know that there are certain kinds of income types that most people have no clue about because it’s not taught in school or in media?

There is ordinary earned income which you’re already familiar with because it’s the only one taught in school.  Ordinary earned income is job or self employed income that enslaves all of it’s participants to the dollar.

There is another type of income that is opposite of the ordinary earned income nonsense.

It’s called PASSIVE and RESIDUAL money and it’s not just different it’s flat out superior vs the inferior ordinary earned income.

Passive and residual income can release somebody entirely from being attached to money so that one could live free in real security and stability for their family without ripping themselves off everyday by working out of neediness for a paycheck.

Did you know that those income types exist?

I do.

I learned about it.

I became an absolute money snob when I learned about it.

I’m better than ordinary earned income.

YOU are better than ordinary earned income.

It’s “ordinary” because it’s common and you can’t de-couple your time from it or you lose your ability to pay bills and eat.  That’s so risky and unstable that all job titles should be changed to, “professional gambler”.

You are not better anyone else.

I’m not better than anyone else.

There is a nuance to be recognized in snobbery.  Being a people snob is never acceptable.  Being a food and money snob based on behavior with food and money can save your life and empower you to save other peoples lives.

Not all money is created equal.

Not all food is created equal.

Not all habits are created equal.

People are created equal.

People consciously decide to be conscious thinking people that taps into their free thinking critical faculties or people can make no decision at all which in effect you’ve decided to live your life by default and when you live your life by default, not thinking about the food you’re eating or the income type you’re making, the consequences are the results.

If you don’t critically think to make worthwhile nuances and discernment you live by default. When you live by default you’re constantly being pushed and tossed around like a rag doll by your circumstances and other outside forces you have no control over.  Become consciously aware of your behaviors so you can refine them. Becoming a food and money snob can allow you to correct those behaviors and find better ways.

Those are just a couple of examples.

I hope that expands how you think about snobbery and how there are different kinds of it.

One form of snobbery is useful while another form of snobbery just means you’re a jerk face to other people.

You can use the better kind of snobbery as a mechanism to save your life and inspire others to save theirs, too.

So be a food snob. Be a money snob. Go for the better foods, the better money types, know why you’re doing it and start becoming a more free and critical thinking human being.

Never become a people snob.

You’re better than those behaviors that hurt you and others around you.

Make the decision to draw a line in the sand and decide that life is worth it.

Life is worth being a food and money snob.

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I have thousands of pieces of content all to do with health, healing, freedom, financial freedom, and how the real rich measures there wealth by their time not their money. But they connect the dots between being financially free and time freedom. They know the difference between different income types and that ordinary job money is inferior to passive and residual money. They consciously think about what they put into their mouths and what they put into their brain. They consciously think about how they deal with stress and how they enhance their personal lives. They don’t trash their relationships for the sake of becoming successful because that’s not success.  Success is Yes and Yes.  Poor is either or.

Share this and become a snob with money and food but never a snob with people.


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