Select Big Business Wants Obedient Workers

follow your heartThere is a reason our education system stinks and will never ever be fixed.

The leadership of Select Big Business uses our public School system to keep you poor. They only want Obedient workers staking the security of their family on a paycheck from their job. They want more for themselves and less for everyone else.

What they don’t want is a population of critical thinking well informed and well educated people.

They only want Obedient workers who are smart enough to do their job and Dumb Enough to passively accept all the increasingly worse jobs with lower pay, longer hours, reduced benefits, and vanishing pensions that disappears the minute you go to collect it.

Good honest hard working people continue to hold negative energy toward money and cast votes DAILY with their money making people rich who don’t care about them at all and nobody seems to notice the fact that it’s their negative energy toward money that makes criminals richer while more honest hard working people join the poor.

The leadership of corrupt Big business count on the fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant, continue to hold negative energies toward money, and continue to be dependent on a paycheck from their Job to cover themselves.

The solution is for average thinking in our country to move from Obedient thinking to Critical FREE thinking people.

We can do it when being an Obedient imbecile is no longer celebrated.

Where are the contrarian and CRITICAL Free thinking people at?

Everyone has an inner Genius inside of them. Very few are tapping into that.

Every four years we vote for president. The select big Business counts on the fact that we will probably remain dumb enough to believe our elected politicians actually run our country and that our votes really matter. Our only votes that really matter is our votes we cast daily with our money. They count on us to remain willfully ignorant and negative toward money. The middle class is no longer the majority for this reason and continues to shrink as more of them join the poor.

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– Tom

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