Why the MIDDLE is joining the POOR since 1971 and What YOU Can Do

follow your heart“Money is a Scarce Resource” is what we are taught in school. Just recently the middle is no longer the majority of our financial classes. It’s the largest Exodus in history.

In 1971 the government took the dollar off the gold standard and began backing it by absolutely nothing except the “faith” of the united states government so they could begin printing as much of it as they’d like basically flooding our money supply which gives way to inflation and higher disproportionate taxes.

They print more money faster than you could ever possibly make it or save it. You just don’t know how to get it so you don’t have it.

There is no money Gap only a Skills gap.

When I was in college in 2009 they were still Teaching us that Money is a Scarce Resource.  2009 was 38 YEARS after money was no longer Scarce and they’re still teaching it!


I don’t blame the teachers.  The leadership of Select Big Business interests use our School system to keep you poor, financially dumb, and an obedient worker.  They do not want Critical Free Thinking Well Informed people.  Critical Free thinking people will learn what’s valuable in traditional school and learn what is Relevant in todays Real World Outside of the Traditional Classroom. Obedient Wage and Salary earners will spin on the perpetual hamster wheel and blame outside influences.

Select Big Business interests want you to hold a negative energy toward money so they can have more of it while you have less.

If you struggle with a negative energy toward making tons of your own money please receive this.. 

Did you know you can feed kids who are starving to death with food you can buy with money and save their lives?

Did you know you can use money to fund resources that can rescue human slaves from a global human trafficking problem the world faces today?

Did you know you can use RESIDUAL AND PASSIVE MONEY to free yourself entirely and completely from money and how you choose to spend your time?

Did you know you can use money to raise awareness for natural cancer cures, for the atrocities of factory farms systematically torturing and abusing farm animals, and for whatever your heart BLEEDS to do more for and help bring an end to these horrible atrocities against humanity?

Are you starting to kill any negative attachment you have toward making more money?  Dear god I hope so.

When criminals have Less money and Good honest Hard Working people have More money the whole world Positively Changes. 

It would be a Revolution on all fronts in every way imaginable and unimaginable.  But first you must tap into your INCREDIBLE BRAIN, say hello to your inner genius, develop yourself, and close that skills gap that select big business interests do NOT want you to close.

Perhaps the BIGGEST form of civil disobedience good HONEST hard working people could take is to close their skills gap on being financially educated. We could totally kill the Evil Greedy part of Select Big Business Interests and the Positive Domino affect TIDAL WAVE immediately follows that EVERYONE benefits from instead of just a few.

Wanna do it?

– Tom

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