Shortcuts Really Do Exist Contrary to Popular Commercially Digestible “Guru” Wisdom

tombirkenmeyercomIf you could go back in time would you have done things differently with having the advantage of what you know today?

You know what’s GREAT about having the advantage of what you know today? You don’t have to go back in time to apply what you’ve learned all these years. You can start figuring out a way to implement those lessons for LIVING for today.

Simple concept , right?  It’s also simple to over look… 

I’m getting to the SHORTCUT stick with me..

Keeping your focus on living in the past will trap you where you’re at. You’ll feel stuck and hopeless.  You know what you know for a reason.  So why not build on that and implement that for how you live for today and tomorrow?

By default as a human being you’re going to slip and make mistakes.  Some people live in the past about what they would have done differently if only they could go back in time and they really never seem to have any long term happiness.  Others unleash how far they’ve come and LIVE for Today.   They seem to have more long term happiness  =)

Develop the Wisdom to recognize mistakes QUICKLY so you can make corrections just as fast.  Ya know what?  Corrections will never ever stop.  We just grow better at the correction process with Intention…

Some people never learn to catch their mistakes early on so they can make the corrections.  Others train their brain to be acutely aware so they can recognize and correct FAST which dramatically shortens the time it takes for someone to achieve their goals and dreams.

I’m getting to the shortcut…  =)

Without mistakes it’s hard to know what to correct.  The feedback we get from our mistakes are priceless because every mistake we make gives us opportunity to hone in and Craft a way to get what we’ve decided is really important to us.

Sadly some people see mistakes as a bad thing.  If they are living in the past and not learning anything then mistakes are pretty devastating.  For people who see mistakes as feedback to hone in on an craft a better way these mistakes not only become necessary but we become ANXIOUS and EAGER to go out and make as many mistakes as we can as fast as we can because that is the “Shortcut” we are told that does not exist.

The short cut does exist and it’s in our mistakes and how we LEVERAGE them!

Mistakes, challenges, errors, set backs, the “phone call” with bad news, lifes struggles that are no fault of our own and all of the above to the enlightened person are all various forms of feedback to use as points of LEVERAGE to get the emotional strength, the skills and whatever else we need to be able to get what we want.

LEVERAGE is actually the real shortcut.  Leverage can be found in EVERYTHING not just in our mistakes and challenges. Leverage can be found and utilized in wisdom, time, money, debt, properties, duplication, business, people, relationships, laws, nature, technology, equities, an up economy, a down economy, being broke, being rich, being poor, value, etc..

The more you Leverage the Greater the shortcut and the shorter amount of time it takes you to achieve whatever you want.

Enjoy this fun short video I took in the Breath Taking Mountainous Desert just outside of Las Vegas Nevada about Leveraging Challenges to make you stronger:

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– Tom

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