Search For a Better Way Than an Addiction to an Insidious Pay Check..

follow your heartGoing to school to get a job to get a pay check is the most Crippling Idea ever sold to mainstream thinkers.

The result is Massive Poverty, starvation, debt, desperation, fighting, disease, and no freedom for people who bought this plan.

They do not teach Passive and Residual income in school. They only teach you how to be an Employee working for W2 ordinary earned income.

It’s on purpose…

It’s up to you to get outside of mainstream school and search for a better way to pay your bills and fund your dreams.

There is a better way than an insidious addiction to a pay check and operating out of a fear of loss of that paycheck to be able to pay your bills and nourish your family.

Enjoy the two Videos I made for you on the topic Matter…

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– Tom

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