The Great Illusion of Going for Easy

The great illusion of going for easy is that it creates an easier life. Ive found that going for worthwhile creates an easier life than going for easy does.

Worthwhile is hidden by delayed gratification so right off the bat most people miss it and go for easy making their lives harder.

Instant gratification syndrome is one of the largest killers out there. The fast food restaurants know it you’re giving them billions of your families money in exchange for chronic diseases and massive financial debt that will take you down and out of your life because you thought it was easier to go for the convenience.

Don’t believe me? Follow the money trail of the bulk majority of fast food goers. They are in debt, their kids slander them at school, and they are chronically diseased. But some of them will change into healthy life style that brings them out of debt, out of disease ville, and into restored relationships with their families. Some will make this AWESOME change.

8 out of 10 wont’ and are dying chronically diseased and in massive debt.  More than anything the 8 out of 10 are missing peace in their lives because they subscribed to the illusion they were sold on going for easy. Don’t be the 8 out of 10. Dont be the 2 out of 10. Be the 1 out of 100 who changes and leads others into change.  And don’t you dare let the majority sell you on the great illusion of going for easy.

– Tom

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