If a 13 Year Old Can Do It, What’s Your Excuse?

Me and Desert Sage

Desert Sage

Alyssa Russells family went from broke to a 6-figure income and impacted her life. Too often parents tell their children to sit down and be quiet. Not so for the Russells! the Russells were broke in every way possible – relationships, physically and financially. They were on the verge of divorce because of constantly fighting over finances. Mom was stressed out working from home, dad was gone all the time at work and Alyssa cried at night to be successful to be able to take care of her parents. Since plugging in the whole family has repaired relationships. Alyssa started 2 businesses that have made thousands of dollars and flew herself all over the country to get to First Steps to Success. Her parents have paid off over $34,000 in debt, now make over 6-figures and are successful in EVERY area of their life.

Alyssa did not wait for a hand out, but made things happen (including making more money than some adults)! She is one of a growing group of young teens and youths who have become prime examples of fruit of this proven training.

If these kids are grabbing this training and making money, there is no excuse for you. GROW from where you’ve been planted where ever that happens to be

Learn to GROW from where ever it is that you’ve been planted:

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