Trigger Happy Safe Space Microaggression Distraction

Just an Observation: People are “triggered” at other people who are triggered and neither side is aware they are participating in the same “circle jerk” of triggers.

Jack is triggered.

Jill is triggered because jack is triggered.

Now jack and jill are both super duper triggered that the other is triggered over the other being so triggered…and… Circle Jerk =)

The big question I have is this..

Who will “get off” first so we can move passed our current cultural phase of a trigger happy people clinging to safe spaces from each others micro aggressions???

Jack and Jill need to return to fetching pails of water…

OH wait that didn’t turn out so good either…

I’ll take jack breaking his crown, falling down, and jill tumbling after over being perpetually triggered any day =)

Maybe.. Just maybe…

We live in a trigger happy devolving culture because it’s made for a WONDERFULLY SUCCESSFUL Distraction.

Who would distract us? And from what???

You need to keep up your OBEDIENCE training.

Don’t get cute and start questioning why you are controlled and manipulated through money dependency to pay bills and eat!

Don’t start developing into a free thinking person on the FEVERISH SEARCH to become independently HEALTHY and WEALTHY!

They NEED you to defend your current source of income as Intelligent, safe, stable, and all of the other unforgivable egregious lies they’ve been selling you.

If you evolve into an independent free thinking human being it effs up their plans to keep you obedient because if you BREAK your obedience to what they’ve built for you to live inside of then you become difficult or IMPOSSIBLE to further control and manipulate through the dependency of money to pay your bills.

They lose their power to make you a sick hospital patient, a victim of soulless private health insurance companies, and a PhRMA customer if you dare break your chains they’ve given you to shackle yourself with.

As it turns out we are very easily distracted.

The distractions change but one thing that is consistent is we keep their status quo “business as usual” system in place so they can have more while You have less.

Todays distraction is… Let’s Trigger everyone!

I bet not even they who self protect their own interests imagined we’d run with the distraction they’ve given us and expand it into safe spaces, micro-aggressions, and doubling down on our own self destructive behaviors.

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