Twice as many large corporations pay zero or less in taxes this year than last year

Here’s another interesting observation.

According to the Institute of Taxation and economics there are twice as many large corporations paying 0 or less in taxes this year than last year.

Compliments of president Pinocchio who promised the tax benefits would go towards the middle.

The middle got 17% while the top 1% got 83% of the tax benefits.

Half the country is too poor to live While the richest corporations in the country pay 0 or less in taxes.

If you’re upset that welfare recipients are draining the country of your money then at least 90% of your rage should be taken out on the largest welfare Queens in the world, that is, the richest people in the country.

President Pinocchio is the queen Welfare of all welfare Queens. MAGA people, you are supporting the all-time queen purveyor of welfare and socialism while verbally attacking welfare and socialism. You’ve been conned.

The ultimate solution is the same that I’ve been espousing for years, that is, personal responsibility.

Learn about passive and residual income. Learn about Natural health. When you have these things it no longer matters what our government is doing you can place the guarantee in yourself that you’re going to prosper anyway.


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