Who pays for tax cuts for Corporations?

“Fun” fact 🙂

In 1952 corporate taxes accounted for 33% of the government’s Revenue and the ordinary working-class had heaps of disposable income for a nice life.

Today corporate taxes accounts for less than 9% of government revenue and the average working class individual is too poor to live and requires government assistance.

Do you know who makes up the difference?

You do 🙂

If you have a job half of you are too poor to live so you require government assistance to make up the difference.

The government’s tax policies are a scam for multiple Generations.

The difference in today’s current running tax scam is President Pinocchio.

He ran a campaign espousing tax cuts for all of the middle class while his rich friends would not be too happy about him raising their taxes.

After becoming president, president Pinocchio did the exact opposite and gave away the largest welfare program in the history of the country focused towards subsidizing corporations and the billionaire donor class which also consequently grew the national debt to another new record level. Holy Shit president Pinocchio is worse on the national deficit, budget, and debt than Obama or any other president in our history.

Billionaires legally bribe him to curry favor after he promised us that he’d never take establishment money so he’d never have to owe them any favors.

The most fascinating variable in all of this are the suckers who still support president Pinocchio today.

Current Trump supporters, you are objectively the biggest suckers that’s existed on planet earth.

You could give Clinton and Obama supporters lessons on how to be even bigger suckers than they already are.

If you want to have a job because you like that kind of thing that’s cool.

What I’m saying is do something on the side that builds residual money because if all you have is job income to put your Reliance on then you are in big trouble.

That is entirely on you not to the government who is ripping you off.

You can do it. Take control 🙂

Having a job for livelihood support is truly for suckers. It’s the riskiest lifestyle imaginable.

If you don’t have any residual money yet find a plan to get it otherwise change your job title from whatever it is now to professional gambler.

You can do it!


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