What if you Just Don’t Have the Money to Fund Your Dreams?

tombirkenmeyercomWhat if you just don’t have the money to start funding your dreams? What if you’re flat broke and it just isn’t there?? What if you know people like this and you want to help them but you don’t know how and you’re sick of feeling helpless??? Here are just three of countless examples of overcoming this seemingly crippling scenario. See if this sparks some ideas for yourself or people you refer here:

1. Team Mate Lindsay Matway personally sold her clothes on eBay to be able to raise the money to invest into herself. She was half million dollars in debt when she did that. Three years later she has paid off ALL debt and averaging a new income of $22K per WEEK starting from NOTHING. She is also a mother and a wife. She was already a mother when she made this decision so that as a BIG reason WHY she did this.

2. Team Mate Scottie sold his XBOX and then used that money to buy and RESELL video game equipment on Craigslist to come up with his enrollment costs into our home based business. Today Scottie is financially free and independent. He is supporting his family on an income of his own personal resources from this business AND he gets to spend MORE TIME with his family which is the opposite of most business owners.

3. I personally was broke and almost homeless. I found people to pay me ten bucks an hour to do medial yard work and I gave guitar lessons privately out of my students houses for sums of money to cover my initial investment costs. I also cut out ALL luxury spending for the time being. A couple years after almost being homeless I bought a house in CASH, and a few months BEFORE that I declared my own financial freedom, independence, and SECURITY. I called off the depressing job search Forever.

You just DECIDE and then find/make a way where there is seemingly no way. Then you’ll do it. Then you can use my story as well as YOUR STORY to help people who are struggling to do better than Broke.

I have a few more ideas in a blog post I made a while back that may help you to flex more creative muscle in your scenario: http://tombirkenmeyer.com/personal-development/grow-from-where-youve-been-planted/

If you’d like to know what my Team Mates and I are doing here in our home businesses then connect with me on facebook. If I can help, I’ll help.

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– Tom

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