What is MLM?

DSC00300An MLM is LEVERAGE to get a Message of LOVE and of HEALING out into the world more quickly and efficiently than any one person could do by themselves. It’s a collaboration between willing people to team up for a common purpose.

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing.

It all got started to solve the problem of inefficiency.

I’m only one person.. I can only do so much.. How could I get my message of Love or product of help out into the world more quickly and efficiently than I could EVER do by myself?

I’m gonna find some people with a common mission as I’ve got and compensate them for helping me grow my message exponentially away from me in many multiplication tables.

But I’m not gonna be their boss..

An employee goes to work because they HAVE TO.  Even if they love what they do they still HAVE To go to work because the livelihood of their family depends on it and they are NEEDY for that paycheck from the company they WORK FOR so they can continue to keep the lights on at home and put food on the table.

An employee will never have the option of out earning the people at the top of the company even if they are more productive.

The people at the top of the company you work for makes the bulk of the money.  Every job at every company is a CLASSIC PYRAMID SCHEME and most of its participants don’t know they are HEAVILY entrenched in a pyramid scheme or they are in complete denial about it.

In an MLM Instead of the non sense of dependency and neediness I’m gonna find some people to collaborate with, not compete with, and perpetuate a message of love and healing into the world and at the same time give someone at the BOTTOM the same opportunity to out earn the person at the very top.

The ONLY way to give someone at who just came in at the BOTTOM the ability to out EARN EVERYONE who came in before them is to BASE the financial compensation plan 100% on the VALUE each individual provides to the world.

Seniority does not matter in an MLM..

If you’re at the top or the bottom or somewhere in the middle it No Longer Matters which means there is no top middle or bottom.  Being at the Top, Middle, Or Bottom is Irrelevant here.

Office politics is completely Irrelevant here..

Those things only matter at a job for some company and other Pyramid Schemes like a job.

MLM is something that DEMANDS it’s participants to speak from their true authentic voice.

Most people that get into an MLM wanna get rich over night without ANY regard for providing real value to anyone but themselves.  They NEED a paycheck but aren’t willing to develop themselves into Real Value Providing people. They are not speaking from their authentic voice and so most people Never make it. Most people screw themselves over all by themselves by indulging in behavior that would only fly inside of a True Pyramid Scheme like at a JOB for a company.

Google MLM and research it…

You will find most of the feedback is very negative.

You’ll find all kinds of crazy absurd claims about MLM..

You’ll see People stating false facts about it demonstrating they don’t know what it is as they formulate very ill tutored opinions over something they never learned about.

Most people who do their own research don’t use their Incredible BRAIN they’ve been given to start thinking for themselves and become EASILY persuaded and MANIPULATED by reviews of their peers that are based on very horribly informed opinions.

In a big corporation you can become rich by being corrupt. We see it in the news all the time and no one is jumping up shouting Pyramid Scheme!

In an MLM VERY few people become Rich because VERY few people are doing the only thing that really matters, and that is, providing REAL VALUE to other people outside of just themselves. And the ones who Became Rich in an MLM got rich ONLY because they’ve helped enough people in some way.

I personally believe the masses of AVERAGE thinking people don’t shout Pyramid Scheme when corrupt corporations make piles of cash and they do shout pyramid scheme when an MLM makes piles of cash is because getting rich on corruption is a poor and lazy way of thinking.

To get rich in an MLM you have to put work into developing yourself into a person who provides lots of real VALUE.

It’s a poor and lazy mindset to lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate. It’s a Rich and Creative Mindset to develop yourself into a person who provides real value that helps people.

A lot of people at a job have developed into a person who provides real value and are being ripped off TOTALLY by their employer and the pyramid scheme in which they work inside of.

This is why I NEVER recommend to a Good person with Messages of Love and Healing to stay at their job the rest of their lives.

Their gifts will never be fully utilized at a job and they will never be fairly compensated for the value they provide at a job or in any other pyramid scheme.

But most people of value will say they don’t care about the money. However, when people with messages of love and of healing come to learn that if they made millions of dollars more than they needed for themselves they could have more resources available to them to help heal the world.

When a person of value comes to learn that money is a resource that can be used to pollute or heal the world it’s amazing how a good person of LOVE and value suddenly wants to develop into a person with a cash flow of millions and billions of dollars and no longer wants to be needy for a paycheck from some job.

If more GOOD value driven people with a mission of love and of healing learned the TRUTH about MLM more people would embrace it, utilize it, and the result of more people of LOVE and of healing fully embracing and utilizing MLM would result in NO MORE poverty, no more global Hunger, no more Human trafficking, no more children sex slave rings, no more corruption in politics or in big business, No More Factory Farming and the Atrocities they LEGALLY commit every second of every day and night, and certainly far less hate and cruelty in the world as we know it today.

Best of all this is not my opinion…

This is grounded in math.

I’m not a math guy and even I understand a message of Love and of Healing perpetuates more quickly and efficiently in an MLM than in ANY other model on planet earth.

I have an EASY PEASY way to explain..

Say you have a message of love to get out and you share it with a hundred people. Cool but limited to only what you did alone..

Now you find ten people who believe the same thing you believe and everyone shares with a hundred people. You still shared with a hundred people but now your effort just grew exponentially away from you in a multiplication table of ten for a total of a THOUSAND one Hundred people your message of LOVE was shared with.

You just grew your message of Love from a hundred to over a THOUSAND and attracted others to perpetuate your worthy message with you because of MLM.

Now you’ve got people receiving love and SHARING love to continuously perpetuate your message of love because of MLM. That is the whole foundation of MLM.

Cool hey?

If you got value from this..

Theres that word VALUE again…

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If I can help, I’ll help.

– Tom

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