What the LUCK are you talking about?

This morning someone who read some of my blogs about how I bought my house in cash and get to travel BITCHED AT ME because “not everyone can be lucky like you, Tom”.

Here is what always annoys me when someone makes the “luck” statement about me vs. them…

I started my process of being able to do these things when I had no job, no income, no unemployment benefits, no free time, no energy, no resources, no tools, straight Ds in Grade School Special Ed Classes, I rode the “short buts”, No skills, No good experience..

I did not have luck on my side.

Here’s the difference..

I stopped being lazy about my problems and started to figure stuff out.

It wasn’t having things that made the difference because I didn’t have things.

I don’t have the background or a lotto ticket.

I didnt have income, time, or skill so I figured out how to come up with income, time, and learn new skills.

I worked on these things not once and a while, but 7 days a week until I emerged a free human being WITHOUT a Job.

I wanted financial freedom because it’s the one thing that affects all other things.

Financial freedom is Time freedom.

I choose teachers over television.
I chose to invest rather than spend.
I chose veggies over cake most of the time.
I teach as I learn so you take action with me.
I drink my superfoods shake daily.

Now that I’m a free human being I choose to travel instead of have a job, be free of consumer debt, own my house so I have no mortgage and no rent, I fired my boss, I LOVE teaching stuff in my videos and blogs, I love creating my own random adventures and being a Free Spirit without shackles to the dollar.

This doesn’t have to be what healthy and FREEDOM looks like for you… but don’t lessen my hard work to make yourself feel better.

I can do things physically people half my age can’t do and I’m more free with my time than people twice my age and I plan to keep showing up to show YOU what’s possible to inspire You who wants to take action.

When you say, “I can’t _____ because xyz” what you’re really saying is “I lack the creativity and ingenuity to figure stuff out”.

Remember to look at how far you’ve come and build on that!

Learn some new skills from the right teachers and mentors and take action on what you learn.

Find out what most people are doing, how they think, how they make excuses, how they spend their time and money, how they say NO to opportunity and YES to being Wage Slaves, and DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

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P.s. If you’d like to work with me I don’t charge any fees I’m not going to sell you something you don’t want or need: http://workwithtom.fireyourboss.xyz

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