But, you’ve built a facade that looks and sounds like everyone else.

Start saying “YES” and “I WILL FIGURE IT OUT EVEN IF I DONT KNOW HOW, YET” so the True YOU starts to Shine…

Instead you’ve become a mental gymnast, just like everyone else.

You do incredible mental gymnastics to rationalize and protect the excuses you built your exterior facade with for why you say “NO” and why you don’t see anything important through.

This makes it temporarily easier for you to live with yourself for holding onto your excuses but deep down you know that kind of self-protection does not work and makes you appear just like everyone else.

You blame facts like no money no time no skill no background no resources no support and anything else you need to make it easier to live with yourself for holding onto your excuses.

You’ve made the rationale of your excuses your best friend which has turned out to be the worst friend you’ve ever had.

Hate the rationale for the excuses not the unique person behind it all.

Your TRUE best friend is that unique person your FALSE best friend has buried inside of you.

Here are some tips to help you to become the REAL you.

Instead of “I can’t afford” ask “how can I afford” and figure it out.

Instead of “I don’t have time” ask “how can I become more faithful with the time I do have so I have more free time to spend my time how I want?” and figure it out.

Instead of “I dont know how” start asking “what books, webinars, blogs, seminars, teachers, etc do I need to learn how?” and be a GREAT student.

Instead of “the going got tough I think I’ll quit” start saying “the going just got tough time to double down on getting tough myself and seeing it through I will do whatever it takes to figure it out”.

Instead of saying NO to opportunities say YES and then figure it out and get some help from the right teachers along the way.

Instead of using your kids as an excuse and crutch to say no to your dreams SHOW THEM the hard work with complete transparency of doing whatever it takes for your own dreams so they can see their dreams are worth fighting for, too.

Instead of using facebook as a complete waste of time to be facebroke learn how to use facebook to be FACERICH as the platform of positive impact it is for FREE GLOBAL REACH.

Instead of consumer debt say yes to investment debt.

Instead of saying “I don’t know how” Say “I’m going to learn how”.

Instead of sitting on what you learn ACT on what you learn so you avoid devolving into an educated derelict.

Instead of prioritizing your self image in the eyes of others above making a positive difference REVERSE THAT and make positive impact a priority above protecting your self image in the eyes of others!

Instead of talking yourself out of opportunity talk yourself into opportunity.

Instead of making excuses, start making excuses for your excuses so your excuses are ultimately cancelled out and your true self begins to shine.

Instead of selling stuff no one wants or needs, share and Connect with the willing.

Instead of looking for whats wrong with opportunity look for what’s right with it.

Instead of being obedient to those who want to control and manipulate you through money dependency to pay your bills and eat, learn about financial freedom and BECOME A THREAT TO THOSE WHO WANT TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE YOU.

Instead of living a life style of an Obedient cash cow sucker to private health insurance and PhRMA companies learn how to become Independently Healthy and WEALTHY which would evolve you into a direct Threat to Private Health insurance and PhRMA companies.

Instead of waiting on the government or some company to take care of you and create opportunity for you, CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY AND BECOME INDEPENDENT FROM THAT PYRAMID SCAM NONSENSE.

Instead of working for ordinary income, work for PASSIVE and RESIDUAL income so you can CREATE THE SPACE AND FREEDOM TO BE YOUR UNRESERVED TRUE UNIQUE SELF.

I hope I’ve been able to give more than enough ammo to the true person inside of you to FINALLY come out BLAZING and UNRESERVED.

It’s time to LIBERATE your true self from your DUMB False Self and be happy =)

Please Share.

I promise there are people in your circle who need to hear this and CRAVE to hear this because they are sick of a newsfeed cluttered with nonsensical garbage.


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