When the tough get going..

Quitting is common when the going gets tough.

When we were kids we have these big dreams that we allow others to beat out of us as we grow into adults.

Sometimes we have to put a filter in our brain and consciously choose what we’re gonna accept and what we’re gonna reject.

A lot of us have moments in our lives when we are thinking really big and then tough things happen, because that’s what happens when you think really big, and we shrink backwards into thinking small again.

That’s what happens when you think big! You get bigger challenges things become really tough.

If you think back to think small the challenges might become smaller and maybe easier to accomplish small goals.

Maybe we go back to thinking smaller and dreaming smaller as a way to make it easier to live with ourselves for being a quitter, or in some cases, a non starter.

Why not make your dream so important to you that you’re eager to go through the tougher challenges to make it happen because your heart would break not to.

I think the whole purpose of those tougher challenges that seem to happen when we dream and think bigger is to force you to have to get the skills, the emotional maturity, and spiritual growth you need to be able to get what you want and fulfill that promise you made to yourself and maybe to other people.

That kind of dreaming you did when you were a child gets a common response when you grow into an adult, “it’s so hard so maybe if I just shrink back a little bit and it doesn’t have to be this great or that big and the thinking can be a little bit smaller I can scale back here and there so that should be easier and then maybe I can do it when my dream is small enough.”

Maybe instead of chipping away at your self esteem in the long run it’s much easier to go through the deal of figuring stuff out.

Instead of shrinking your dreams so you don’t have to grow yourself you could grow your-self so you don’t have to shrink your dreams.

You don’t have to become anything to be nothing.

It’s time to go through the deal of figuring out how to make your big dreams a reality.

The only thing more beautiful than a beautiful dream is a beautiful reality.

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When the going get tough you have two options. Shrink or Grow.

Shrinking means you don’t have to become anything more than you already are. No growth. No expansion of your brain. No creative thought. It keeps you lazy. It’s emotionally immature. It’s poor. A temporary illusion of “easy” because over time the real damage comes when you realize you’ve been chipping away at yourself all this time. When you chose to shrink instead of grow you’re under the illusion of making it easier to live with yourself for being a quitter.

When you chose to GROW you have to unleash the power of your human spirit to get creative, learn new things, grow up emotionally, battle laziness, staves off dementia such as alzheimer’s, it’s rich. Instead of making lazy statements you begin to ask rich questions such as asking what books you might need to read, what webinars and seminars to attend, what teachers to teach you, maybe what classes to take, what mistakes can teach you, what kind of a student and action taker you wanna be, the kind of person you want to become.

Now these challenges are just things to figure out instead of road blocks to keep you back.

That’s much better than shrinking backwards don’t you agree?

I think so.

It’s even easier I’d say than subscribing to the illusion that shrinking is easier because you pay for it with the quality of your life.

Reminds me of a great philosophy…

Go for a worth while life not an easy one.

As it turns out the worth while life is easier than the delusional “easy” life.

Don’t you think?


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follow your heart

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