A Spring in Your Step..

I’m gonna share some things that I’ve been doing for a really long time now and if you’re physically missing that spring in your step because of sore joints and muscles commonly associated with aging maybe I’ll share something that can help you out or someone you know that you can share this with.

It’s not really an emotional spring I’m talking about.

I have a mix of happiness and sadness that I live with I deeply feel both sides of that emotional spectrum.

The spring in my step I’m talking about is the feeling of every time I step down, I sit down, I get up out of a seated position, or a squat, or the fact I can squat at all, it’s a physical spring that connects to an emotional feeling of feeling really well and healthy.

I’m on zero medications.

I have no discomfort whatsoever and so every morning when I wake up literally I’d just kind of bounce out of bed.

It’s not like an oh I’m so happy all the time kind of bounce or spring.

It’s just my health and my joints feel so good.

14 years ago I was suppose to have arthritis and 14 years later not only do I not have arthritis but I’m in my 40s now and I have the spring in my step that I’ve been rambling on about!

Here’s what I’m doing that I believe is responsible for my not aging the way that most people age and the fact I was I had a predisposition to where I should have had arthritis 14 years ago and I still don’t have it.

My Dr. who told me this did not mention anything about nutrition let alone certain kinds of nutrition that do different things to the human body.

He didn’t tell me about the effect of deep sleep or deep sleep at all. We didn’t have that conversation.

He didn’t tell me about minimizing stress or eliminating stress. We never had that conversation let alone talking about it.

It makes me wonder if my Dr. was on the secret payroll of private health insurance companies and PhRMA companies who make their money managing everything and curing nothing.

So my diet I changed to a plant based whole food diet.

I get good sound sleep every night.

I have things I could be stressing about like anyone else but I choose not to have that stress response anyone. It’s like a survival tactic. Literally 90 percent of diseases generally comes from stress. I’ve heard many experts talk about it and go on to say that it’s even more important than what we eat.

There are plenty of people I know that eat squeaky clean but they’re stressed out all the time from a bad spouse, a bad job, they’re pulling their hair out from their heads and suddenly they get cancer and can’t figure out why.

It’s stress man ya gotta eliminate stress and get good deep sleep every night and then you also have to eat a plant based whole food diet that works for you.

Then you don’t have to age the way that most people do.

Tony Horton said aging is for people who don’t know any better.

I think he’s right by objective measurements that show he is right.

It’s really about stacking the deck in your favor because we’ll never have absolute 100% control.

Anybody that writes me or comments in this thread about how you could still get sick even if you do everything right, well, then you didn’t real this post all the way through because I’m saying it right now about stacking the odds significantly in your favor because we’ll never have complete control but we do control how we respond to situations to make them less stressful, or no stress, no matter how bad the situation was and we have decisions over what we put into our mouth and things like that.

If sleep is a problem that could be tricky but you can certainly go down certain paths to figuring that out so that you can eventually get a really good night sleep if you suffer from something that gets in the way of that.

I hope that helps you.

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Last but not least for a very long time now I drink a very dense superfood whole food plant based shake.

I drink it every day for many years at least one meal per day.

Truth be told I do two most days because I really love the way it tastes it’s quite delicious

It has gone a long way in supporting me towards living free of any aches, pains, or discomforts whatsoever.

Being in my 40s now I was suppose to have arthritis 14 years ago and it never happened.

If I have anything to do with it, it never will happen so there you have it.

Feel free to share this. Like it. comment. If you’ve got some other ideas too that can add to this I’d love to learn from you too about how NOT to age the way most people age.

People think it’s normal to age with aches and pains.

It’s not normal. It’s common.

So if you know more please share and expand all of our minds =)

Share this post because I’m sure you know some people that would get some value from what I just shared with you.

Bye for now,


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