You Don’t Need Money To Make Money, Really

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Who said you need money to make money??  This is the ultimate myth buster if you’re completely broke prepare to be liberated to make a fortune.  If you have a heart beat and some conscious thought then you have enough resources to make money.  If you’re reading this then you have a big ole surplus of resources you need to make money.  It does not matter if you have not a single dollar to your name with zero income the fact you’re reading this is proof positive that you have much more than just a heart beat and some conscious thought.  What more do you need to start developing yourself from where you’re honestly at to start making money??

If you’re going to start a legal business the old adage is probably true no matter what you need money to make money.  But who says you have to start with a business to make money?  Think outside the box!  Begin to take massive different action to developing yourself Immediately!  You’re broke you should not be putting this off another single day!  Procrastination is the cornerstone of ALL poverty! Your life depends on YOU doing something Different that’s more in line with the things that YOU want so stop killing yourself and take massive immediate action today!

If you have not a dollar to your name then let something else be a stepping stone to getting the money you need to make a financial investment or to start your own business.  And starting your own business that earns you a passive income that grows and grows over time is THEE single most smartest thing you can do even if you can’t do it YET have your eye on that ball.


Gotta bike?  Rent it out!  Do you have a talent or a skill people would pay money for?  Go to any big city in America and you will see street performers of many kinds from musicians to card tricks to puppet shows!  Can you perform manual labor?  Offer to do housework for money!  These are just a few ways to make money without having any money.

When I was broke I put myself out there to do any kind of yard work or house work for only $10 an hour.  I also have a talent I developed for playing guitar so I tought guitar lessons for $35 per hour sessions. Between those two things I made enough to scrape by and buy my own business which later earned me a big ole fortune.   My financial starting point was $zero.  I didn’t respond to my $zero income by giving up while citing the old adage of needing money to make money.  My starting point was my starting point, I respected it, and I actually got started then followed through with it.  It doesn’t matter where you’re starting point is.  It might influence HOW or WHERE you get started but in terms of getting started it doesn’t matter if you’re starting point is $million, $100, $1, or $zero where you end up is not determined by where you start.  Where you end up is determined by if you actually get started or not and then if you see it through or not, period!

Don’t have a dollar, a skill, a service or a product that anyone would spend money on?  Then your starting point is personal development.  EVERYONE no matter how great they are should always engage in daily personal growth and development until the heart stops beating and body turns cold.  But if you have not a single thing to offer that anyone would pay money for then your only starting point is personal growth and development.  You must simply become more valuable to the marketplace  via personal growth and development. How do you make more money or ANY money in the market place?  You become more valuble to the market place!  The more valuable you become to the market place the more money you make!

What’s the difference between someone who makes $5 an hour and $500 an hour? One is a lot more valuable than the other to the market place. So the key is to learn how to work harder on yourself than you do on your job because that’s how you become more valuable. The late great Jim Rohn taught me that in an audio CD.  I use Jim Rohns material more than anyone else to become more valuable as I work harder on myself than I do my job. And I’m living proof positive right here validating it’s the honest to god truth. And anyone can do it the information is free to build your value in the market place so you can make more money.  Not all of the information is free.  If you have not a dollar to your name can you get a library card at your local library?  YES!!!  How much is a library card at your local library??  It’s FREE!  How EASY is FREE?  It’s EASY!

“It Doesn’t get Any Easier than Free!!” – Jim Rohn

The wealth of the world is at your local library.  You can learn how to change anything you want without spending a dollar to get that information all you have to do is go get it.  But 97% of the population can’t be bothered with it.  They find it easier to complain about their job, the economy, politics, and whatever else is going on in their lives that they are not very happy with.  It’s the 3% who’ve walked away from the 97% and lead drastically different life styles.  Both patterns of human behavior VERY starkly validating each respective life style.  Jim Rohn gave me very good advice when he said to walk away from the 97%.  I amended that to RUN AS FAST AS I CAN Away from the 97%.  I didn’t want to be like them philosophically.  Many of them are very nice likable people but in terms of the marketplace they are not very valuable and I don’t want to be broke or be complacent with “just getting by”.    I’m not down with that so I RAN AS FAST AS I COULD Away from the 97% philosophically.  Since then I’ve upgraded and am buying books to discover even more of lifes treasures.  But remember this friends it all started at my respective starting place which for me happened to be $zero.

All of us are born with massive potential in our abilities and our talents.  With a big enough dream that out weighs our biggest fears we can do whatever it takes to develop our abilities and our talents to move closer toward our massive potential and get everything we’ve ever wanted.

Let me give you an example of the kind of people I find inspiring.

I witness lots of people hit HARD by the economy just as all of you witness I’m sure.  The particular lady I witnessed in this example I’ve seen before in a few others but it’s very rare and I’m so inspired by them there are no words.  She said it’s not the fault of the economy that her income shrunk. She blames herself for not owning her income. She decided to OWN IT finally.  I believe her success in owning her own income and her own life has just been assured. Time just has to roll out the deal and then she WILL declare financial independence! What a breath of fresh air!! She walked away from most people blaming the economy for their hardships.  Shes on the path to setting herself FREE.  The belief of “it’s the economy” is 100% self inflicted popular head trash.  If you don’t want to be like them you must walk, or in my case, RUN away as FAST as you can!

Most people disagree and find it easier to give away there power to whatever it is they are blaming for there life not turning out the way they wanted it to.  I’ve found the ones fighting against ownership over their own income, their own destiny, and their own life lead a drastically different, broke, lifestyle. No judgement here just a stark observation.

Now I know what some of you are thinking… “oh Tom I’m just too old to start building my own value, I’m not old enough, I don’t have the motivation, it’s not what my parents taught me, I have a boil on my butt etc..”   At least you and I can finally agree your problem is not the economy but an inside job in your own mind.  But guess what?  The solution is also an inside job in your own mind 😉  Never forget that.

My aim with this is to turn on light bulbs and inspire people to feel empowered and to ultimately take Massive Different ACTION Immediately.  I’m hoping you’ve had enough validation by now that procrastination is the cornerstone of all poverty including your own poverty.  Waiting to act til you have more money, more time, more this or that is the formula for a dead life til the day you join the physically dead.  I hope you decide it’s easier to climb than it is to regret not climbing.  I hope you make a decision in your own favor and then I hope you RESOLVE to commit to fail over and over again until you are successful.

Begin designing the life of your dreams and begin TODAY even if your starting point financially is $zero income like mine was.  I promise you you’ll never take the second step closer toward your own dreams if you don’t take the first step.

– Tom

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