Build A Business That Sets You Free To Design The Life Of Your Dreams

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There are individuals in my Team Passion as well as myself who are having enormous success in designing the life of our dreams through our individual Team Beachbody Businesses.

Those of us building a business, making money, helping people get healthy, are completing assignments consistently and paying a price of RESOLVE UNTIL becoming successful. Most people with the stated goal of building a business to meet a need in their lives are not building a business instead they’re disappearing, not completing assignments, lacking consistency, lacking RESOLVE, they’re not communicating regularly with their support, they’re not making any money, and not helping anyone change their lives including their own.

This does not mean they’re bad people or unlikeable in any way. I happen to like most people very much. It just means that they don’t understand how lucrative they are yet. If they really knew how lucrative they are in ANY economy I know they’d consistently commit themselves to fail over and over again UNTIL they are successful. To “fall off” even if it’s just temporary to me means they have No Clue what they’re robbing themselves of, yet.

If you personally fall into that LARGER category of business owners (or non business owners) not building a business then get in direct touch with your support IMMEDIATELY and ask for some assignments. Then be consistent. RESOLVE you will do it until you are successful without falling off the wagon and taking breaks etc…  Falling short of that you most certainly will not build a business that will set you free to design the life of your dreams.

Growth is reserved for those who have a basic comprehension of opportunity to get EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted and then a commitment to RESOLVE to pay the price of Change until you are Successful. Everyone else gets a dead business or dreams that die with you that ONLY YOU can give Life to. Both sides of that fence are being demonstrated and VALIDATED in our own team passion group that I founded and in life in general in and outside of a business.

I hope this turns on a light bulb for you in your mind so that everything can change beginning with a change in your mind.

Let’s ALL GROW TOGETHER INSTEAD OF JUST SOME OF US! Join the individuals who are already building BIG businesses 🙂

If you’d like some information about My Team Passion to see if it would be a good fit for you in meeting a need that you have please get in touch with me as soon as possible.


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