You Save a Little at the Cost of Everything – This Self Sabotaging Behavior Needs to Stop

Dear most people,

What are you saving a little bit of money on that costed someone else their job?

Automation is replacing peoples jobs.

Who is behind this?

It’s not really the companies doing this.

It’s you.

What services and products produced by automation do you willfully spend your money on?

How self sabotaging and dumb are we if we still believe saving a little bit doesn’t cost us everything?

Most of all.. How obnoxious and Self-Absorbed do we have to be to continue our race to the bottom?

Jobs have been coming back to America for several years now.

They aren’t going to people they are going to computers because you stupidly demand it by where you willfully spend your money.

The number 1 marketing tool companies have is willful consumer ignorance.

You won’t hear that from them because it’s too brazen for them to refer to you as willfully ignorant consumers.

An endless supply of willfully ignorant consumers drives corruption and income inequality.

Companies are only responding to what you’ve demanded from them by how you spend your money.

By how you spend your money you demand less good paying jobs, more children sweat shops, more factory farming, more chronic disease, more chronic debt, you even demand that professional criminals have more at the expense of you having less.

Dear most people: Isn’t it time to be less self absorbed, have more regard for others, make amends for all of the people you’ve ripped off including your own family, and become a better person from here?


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