$1,100 worth of HEALTHY Ingredients for $98

$36 HEALTHY Ingredients I eat each day but I only spend $3 to get it. My energy feels wonderful daily, I haven’t been sick in over ten years, my skin is blemish free, I’m in my 40s without any medications and no sore achy joints. I spring out of a seat posited because of how my body feels.

If you’re interested here is how it works and you’re welcome to try what I’ve been doing for many years.

Per month I’m eating $1,100 HEALTHY ingredients for $98 in a super foods shake that I replace one meal per day with. Replacing one meal a day saves me about $180 a month in groceries. If I replace organic groceries it saves me over $200 per month. $180 – $98 means I have an extra $80 plus dollars in my pocket each month for whatever I’d like and the super foods shake is wonderfully DELICIOUS. I look forward to the taste every day.

A friend of mine tried it and she is saving upwards of $800 per month because she’s on less meds with her Drs approval so her co pays and other health care costs have been dramatically reduced along with her savings in groceries per month. I’m not claiming this super foods shake is responsible for less medical care because that would be illegal for me to claim that but the super foods did support her health improvement (and her pocket book).

The plan is easy peasy. I replace one meal a day with the super foods shake and eat reasonably clean the rest of the day . I have an extra $80 plus per month to enjoy and it supports my energy and how I feel each day for a vibrant healthy life so I have the energy to do other things and be ambitious in my life.

If you’re interested in trying it out it comes with a 30 day full refund guarantee.

It’s called SHAKEOLOGY and my personal favorite formula is the Vegan CHOCOLATE.

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By the way I have enormous Healthy Recipes and Healthy Grocery Lists to help you with the rest of your day beyond the 1 meal a day replaced with a super foods shake.


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