For the first time since my dad passed away, over 1 month ago, I’m sleeping at my house by myself.

Big night for me.

I’ve slept at my moms house which use to be my parents house since dad passed on.

I’m most likely not going out tonight. I don’t know of anything going on that interests me enough to attend even though it’s friday night, but I’m open if something changes.

It feels like the whole universe has to re arrange itself but it’s not so it leaves me feeling disoriented.

I hurt, I feel a void larger than any void I’ve ever felt in my life that sits in the pit of my stomach that won’t go away, I want to run to my dad like I’ve always been able to and I’ll never be able to again.

Honestly I am well. Even in the midst of all that I am feeling I really do feel well.

Being open and vulnerable about this whole experience has been therapeutic for me and from I hear from lots of people it’s helped them, too.

So I guess this is an update post about how I am doing. I hope you are doing well, too.

Building my online health and fitness biz around residual money is the main other thing im doing that’s therapeutic. I love to work. I have to keep myself busy with something I love learning about.

I love working so much that I got rid of my TV YEARS ago and havent looked back at it.

My dad was proud of me. He still is proud of me from Heaven.

I’m even in the midst of creating a whole new training course called the 5 minute potty break trainer..LoL I’m pouring myself into it with all I’ve got which is a LOT when you consider I’ve been consistently learning every day without breaking for the past 10 years and counting. I’m looking forward to the first hundred or so people who take this training course and the feedback they give that I can post all over facebook.

Facebook is wildly valuable depending on how it’s used.

Even my dad got on facebook for the last 6 years of his amazing life here on earth.

Dammit I miss my dad.

I love you Dad.


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