Getting a job to Pay Bills & Eat is for people who Don’t Know Any Better – Q & A

This is one of those posts that irritates some while Inspiring others.

Depending on a job for income to pay bills and eat should be avoided with everything in your power.

Question: I agree but where do I get the money to pay the bills or eat?

Me: Research passive and residual money. It’s the only income type that de couple’s time from money. At first I found it very difficult but as I went through the process in my precious minutes of spare time (with a hunger for LEARNING) it got easier and it gave me time freedom. I have thousands of videos and blog posts about it on my website.


Question: I dunno. I’ve done it your way. Neither worked for me.

Me: Find your way not my way or anyone else’s way. And when you find your way promise yourself you’ll try and fail over and over again until you figure it out. The word “until” is a huge part of figuring stuff out and solving problems. A deadline for quitting is not part of the equation in figuring stuff out and solving problems. The short cut is to find a teacher who has been there, done that, figured it out, and is willing to show you, and then you be the best student that you can be so you can in turn teach someone else as you get results, too.

Question: I don’t know what “my way” is. Not sure how to find it either. I’ll not “quit”. But I won’t beat my head on the brick wall for something that is not for me.

Me: Don’t use your head against a brick wall. The wall will win! LOL.. Find the right tool, the right teacher, the right training, and utilize those things against the brick wall or anything else. There is nothing in your way. Your obstacles are there to force you to get the skills you need so you can get what you want.


Question: A job is a reliable, safe, secure, intelligent source of income.

Me: When an income is owned by someone else, can be taken away at any time for any reason, it requires its participants to trade their time for it like a hamster treading it’s wheel, that income is of the highest risk possible and that person should change whatever their job title is to PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER. The “reliable safe secure income” is the grand illusion. It’s the unforgivable lie that keeps people obedient to the most sinister pyramid scam ever devised against people. Believing job income is safe, reliable, secure or intelligent is just silly. Don’t fall for that scam. It’s sold to you as safe and secure on purpose to keep you obedient to the leadership of the largest financial institutions in the world who need you so they can have more while you have less.


Question: Some jobs HAVE to be done, Tom. Humans need care, roads need repair, teeth need cleaning and repairing, heads need psychologists to shrink them. I can go on.

Me: I’m not anti job. I’m anti dependency. Those jobs can all be done by people that like their jobs, and IF they wish, they can build something that’s passive on the side that covers them financially so they are no longer needy and co-dependent on some company to take care of them. You’re making the talking points of the very people who thrive by exploiting you. Love your job and always go above and beyond with a sense of pride for the work you do. We have to recognize the discernment between a needy co-dependency in the income from a job vs. zero needy co-dependency in the income from a job. When a job becomes optional that’s independence. When a job is out of neediness to pay bills and eat then it’s co-dependency and modern day Obedient Slavery.


Question: I just can’t make a living like you do. That’s YOUR talent, not mine.

Me: It’s not about me and this is not my talent. I was hungry to learn. You’re capable of learning, too. The difference between learning a job vs. learning passive and residual money is if you rely on job income to pay bills and eat you’re time is coupled to your income. If you learn passive and residual income you de-couple your time from your income so you can spend your time how you wish and be where you want to be when you need to be. You’ve learned new skills in the past. You can learn this one, too. Passive and residual income is 100% adaptable to the individual. At a job you have to be adaptable to the job. It’s common to get this backwards and the result is a lot of people don’t believe they can do passive and residual income. There is nothing further from the truth.


Question: I’d love to but I’m broke, debt, I have no time, I have no skill, I have kids, my spouse doesn’t support me, I have too much going on, don’t wanna lose my disability, I have a rash on my butt, mercury is in retrograde etc…

Me: There is someone out there who had it worse than you who figured out residual money while starting at a place in their lives even worse than yours. Replace your rationale for why you can’t with HUNGER for learning how you CAN or you’re screwed and that’s an inside job, ya know, the same home as the solution. Let’s be problem solvers instead of excuse makers.


Question: I poured time, and money into these projects, over lots of years. And I’ve never seen a dime in residuals. So I have a job. And a boss. I wasted thousands of dollars over the course of 30 years, trying this one and that one. Literally, never earned a dime. I have yet to see a program that you can start with no money, or continue without buying products and paying fees.

Me: I hear you that’s part of my story, too. After I tried and failed I tried and failed again, and again, until I figured it out. My big breakthrough and shortcut came when I decided upon 2 things. 1.) I decided to find some teachers who had been there, done that, and willing to show me how. 2.) I returned to the wisdom we all had when we were babies when it came to quitting. When we were babies we didn’t give ourselves a deadline to learn to walk or quit and spend the rest of our lives crawling. We were EAGER, ANXIOUS, HUNGRY to continuously FALL over and over again UNTIL we figured it out. We have to dump the Bad philosophies we learned as adults and replace them with good philosophies. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve it, it makes it worse and more costly. Learning new relevant skills solves problems. Putting more time in also doesn’t solve any problems it just costs you more time. If you LEARN how to build residual money part time you win. If you can’t build residual money part time then you also can’t build it full time so the solution is to build your SKILL set in residual money.


Question: I don’t understand why you think it is that you don’t have a job. You spend time doing what you do.

Me: My incomes doens’t require any personal involvement from me. I can afford to work for free, spend my time for free, so I do. But I was not able to do that till I went through that process of de-coupling how I spend my time from my income. In my personal opinion a reasonable income does not come from a source that can take it away at any time for any reason and its recipient can only keep receiving it if they continuously show up on their human hamster wheel to get it. Residual and passive money is the only income type that de-couples time from money and it’s available to anyone no matter how good bad or ugly their circumstances.


Question: You seem judgemental. Not everyone is to walk your path. Everyone has their own purpose.

Me: I don’t want a captive audience I like free thinkers including free to think differently than me. A discrepancy I observe is when someone believes the earth is flat and they believe it’s open for debate. No, its not open. Its settled. The earth is a globe shape. In this case… When someone believes they are wild and free all the while they depend on their job to pay bills then they are just as objectively wrong as the person who believes the earth is flat. They are not wild and free they are chained and shackled to the dollar or they can’t eat. The solution is passive and residual money because it’s the only income type that de-couples time from money and that works for ANY and EVERY purpose and for ANY and EVERY individual. My main point I blog about more than anything is de-coupling ones time from ones money. That way one is free to spend their time however they want.

Question: I respect hard work whether it’s self employed or a job.

Me: Yes I do too! I’m not anti job and I’m definitely not anti work. I’m a workaholic myself. My post is about the dependency people put into income from a job to pay their bills and eat. It’s the worst idea ever and it’s lived by lots of very good people many of whom I love and care about. My post was not attacking the quality of anyone’s character or work ethics. My post was attacking a very stupid idea that very good people subscribe to on a very popular basis

My friend Keia Lavine worded it better than I ever could have so I’ll quote her: “Working hard… is a moral character issue and is different than a job which is a preconceived notion that is confused with work.

A JOB is fashioned slavery that’s gives you an illusion of safety. Hard work is the actions that you partake in to continue your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental development. A JOB is external, hard work is an internal character trait”

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