Gun Control Checks and Balances & Politicians Using Meaningless Words

“There is nothing we can do about it” – says the only country that has this problem.

I feel so utterly helpless.

We in the USA have more than 1 mass shooting per day.

In 2017 we will be closing out the worst year of mass shootings we’ve ever had in a single year.

If it’s a white male it’s blamed on mental health before knowing anything.

If it’s a brown skinned male it’s blamed on muslim terrorism before knowing anything.

Politicians go through their well rehearsed meaningless condolences and warning against politicizing the tragedy.

Does anyone know the seed and soil of what sprouted an orchard of mass shootings?

I do.

It’s our system of legalized bribery, the ultimate corruption in politics, private donation money.

When you hear a politician give condolences followed up by, “Let’s not politicize this”, that’s how you know that vile cretin is taking money from private companies with a profit motive to sell more guns such as the NRA and major gun manufacturers.

Anytime you hear a politician warning us against politicizing a mass shooting or that their idea of a solution is to fight evil, love each other, pray, and unity in the community… They are on the take with generous legalized bribes to not do anything legislatively.

I’m not calling for gun control.

I’m calling for checks and balances.

If you don’t know checks and balances then you don’t know our constitution.

If you believe in control then you don’t believe in our constitution.

Every right we are given.. Every Amendment to our constitution.. Every freedom and liberty fought for by our military personnel… It all comes with checks and balances built in.

There is no such thing as an unlimited freedom.

If you want an unlimited freedom then you either don’t know our founding documents, or you do but you don’t believe in them.

Our 2nd amendment right to bear arms has checks and balances.

We need more checks in our 2nd amendment, not control.

93% of the country wants a mandatory universal background check and to close the gun show loop hole.

We can’t get it.

How do we not have something that has a 93% approval???

Our politicians are so corrupt that they won’t give us something with a 93% approval rating in what is suppose to be a representative democracy.

Even if you are part of the 7%, if you care anything about objectivity, you have to concede that we do not have a representative democracy.

Forget listening to a politician unless you have a list of their top donors with you while you listen to them talk.

If you are looking at a list of their top donors then what they’re talking about will begin to click with you and their corruption will become painfully obvious.

Every term and midterm election cycle is our chance to replace them with a representative government and so far we’ve blown it every time.

But, there is the next term and mid term coming up.

Let’s stop blowing it and start voting for candidates in ALL levels of government who are not on the take of legalized bribes.

Criminals don’t follow the law.

So lets create needed checks and balances and give law enforcement more tools to help prevent some of these mass shootings.

There are approximately 10,000 homicides per year from guns.

That number will never be zero.

But let me ask you this…

If we are able to chip away at that number and bring it down to 5,000 would it be worth it to introduce new gun regulations that 93% of us already agree with?

Of course it would be worth it.

Universal back ground checks in all fifty states, close the gun show loop holes in all fifty states, and make bump stocks illegal in all fifty states…

Just that alone would significantly chip away at the 10,000 number and those are regulations that 93% of us already want.

You’d still be able to hunt with a gun, protect your home and your family with a gun, because that’s balance.

Right now we are insanely out of balance.

We need regulations to give us checks and balances to our 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

Our current members of government are not going to do it because they are on the take in taking too much legalized bribery.

Remember what I said…

The next election cycle is always near by.

Every two years we have an opportunity to replace plutocrats with representatives of our democracy.

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People need to become aware of the legalized bribery.

People need to start looking at donor lists so it all starts making sense that our politicians are on the take.

That way maybe we will come together and vote them out and finally have representatives who represent us instead of their legal bribers.

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