My Superhero Dad and Guns

One of MANY interesting things about my amazing superhero Dad…

Even though he controlled the largest guns in the worlds most powerful NAVY he had absolutely zero interest in ever owning, touching, or firing a gun in his life outside of the Navy.

He was not against them.

He was certainly passionately in favor of BETTER checks and balances.

My dad had a really cool nuanced position about guns based on what’s happening in our country.

He believed federally there are not enough checks and balances which allowed some areas to have to little regulation and other areas to have too much regulation.

He personally never owned a gun and had no interest.

A lot of people who served in our military never had any interest in them and all of them I’ve ever talked to passionately argue for better checks and balances.

The ones who believe in no regulations have always been, that I know of, a small segment of our population who’ve never served in the military.

There is a certain irony to that.

More credibility is on the side of the brave men and women who have a better understanding of high powered weaponry through serving in our military (the most weaponized force on planet earth) than people who don’t.

One thing that not even military men and women recognize is the private money in politics that has caused the gun violence to spiral out of control and why we can’t get regulation specifics that 93% of the country want.

How do we not have something as of yesterday that more than nine out of ten people want in a representative democracy???

It’s called legalized bribery, otherwise known as political donations, in our politics. It creates an egregious conflict of interest that would be illegal anywhere else. Our politicians bid for their donors at the expense of everyone else.


Our military men and women are not fighting and dying for our Oligarchy corruption. No kleptocracy or plutocrats.

Our military personal is disgusted by our government. Their opinion weighs more in my mind than anyone elses because they are the ones paying the real price for our country to become a more perfect union.

Most of our elected leaders are on the take from big money donors. This creates an egregiously DANGEROUS conflict of interest.

They represent their biggest donors and not the people.

We cannot have an honorable or principled disagreement or agreement with our elected “leaders” because they are not honorable or principled people.

We need a constitutional amendment banning all private money from entering politics so we can have clean elections.

If we have clean elections unfettered by legalized bribes and other conflicts of interests then we can have honorable and principled discussions in disagreement or in agreement.

We can finally work toward solving problems because they’d be representing the people.

Private money (legalized bribes) in politics has corrupted, broken, and shattered our entire system of government and we can’t have any honorable principled public discourse because of it.

Some say this is not the time for politics. I HEAR YOU.

I believe this has to be the time for politics but NOT POLITICS AS USUAL.

Politics is where legalized change happens.

There are untold future gun violence events that are imminent.

The sooner we get political about it in an HONORABLE WAY the sooner we can begin preventing future gun violence.

If we wait too long then we will forget and no change happens.

If we hold these two thoughts in our heads at the same time, LOVE and ACTION FOR SOLUTIONS IN POLITICS, then just maybe we can begin preventing future gun violence even if just by chipping away at the number of mass shootings and death.

We have a terrible gun violence problem in the USA that is unprecedented by anywhere else in the world.

We need to embrace being able to hold onto more than one thought in our heads at the same time so we can LOVE each other AND take this to politics for solutions.

But again, it can’t be politics as usual or nothing will change.

How about politics as UNUSUAL in that we understand each other and working together for solutions beginning with amending our constitution to BAN ALL PRIVATE MONEY FROM POLITICS SO WE CAN HAVE THESE NEEDED DISCUSSIONS WITH OUR ELECTED LEADERS.

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