I Am Not Ripped. Should I Quit? By Carl Daikeler

This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read. It’s a very quick easy read I recommend anyone to read it who’s just interested in becoming a better version of themselves.  It’s honest tough love.

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– Tom

I got a note from a coach who did the amazing; she lost 50lbs! But she is not in shape to do X2 because she has another 100lbs to lose… so what’s the next move? Looks like she is thinking of quitting the business.

Am I talking to myself on these phone calls?

This business is not about P90X or P90X2. This is not about who can get skinny. This is not about being ripped. I am not ripped. Should I quit?

This business is about helping people achieve their goals to lead healthy fulfilling lives. That’s it.

You can inspire people from a wheelchair. You can inspire people by showing them how you plan your eating so you are healthier. You can inspire people simply by your refusal to quit.

Or you can feel the resistance, and give up. You can let the rope slip out of your hands and slide back into the darkness that is your fear, owning past mediocrity as if it was your present, and let your own inner demons run the show, demons that you’ve picked up over a lifetime of other people telling you that you aren’t good enough.

For once in your life, shut that crap out. Put your effort at getting past it, not quitting! When will you see that nothing is holding you back, but YOU and your willingness to work for it?!

Even if you say to yourself “I know it’s my fault, I should have tried harder”, that doesn’t change things for you. You don’t have to resign to “I should have tried harder” and feel righteous that you copped to a weakness. Screw that… Just. Try. Harder.

Step one to trying harder: Don’t quit. Ever.

Baseless insecurity wants to run our lives. But don’t you dare let it run yours. I need you. I need you to see past the ego, past the ideal body, past the competitions and promotions. I need you to see the amazing work we are doing at motivating people to get healthy. Every. Single. Coach. Counts. Top coach? Cool concept and great show at Summit, but not more important than any other coach who is willing to try to help one more person engage in a healthier lifestyle.

I need you to not quit. And guess what? YOU need you to not quit.

So really, come on now, lighten up for a second, get some perspective, and suck it up. Be tougher than you used to be. Recommit right now. Right now is when you define yourself. Right now is when you can show yourself who is the boss.

Strength is not required when things are easy, strength is required when things are challenging. Now is when we need your strength. Show yourself that you are stronger than you thought. (And you know who you are)

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