I started choking on my tears earlier today going through stuff when I came across a folder my dad had put all of his poems into.

I started reading one of them to my mom that we figured was from around the time I started driving and I just lost it.

My dad had quite a few talents. One of them was writing poetry. All of his poems were very sentimental and all about family and friends. A couple of his poems he even went through our entire family tree and made it work as poetry.

My dad was a genius in anything he was really interested in.

He use to write poems regularly before it became a struggle to breath.

Birthdays, christmas, other family type of events..

Some of them he’d put in a nice frame and give them as gifts to his mom, his grandmother, and other relatives. They were always a hit with the family everyone always loved these thoughtful poems of his.

Eventually I’m going to photo copy all of his work and do something with it. These shouldn’t be in a folder where nobody gets to see them.

I love you Dad,


UPDATE! 10/19/2018 – Nearly one year later I finally did it. Here is everything I could find of my dads poetry: http://tombirkenmeyer.com/re-syndicated/poetry-by-my-super-hero-dad/

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