Poetry by my Super Hero Dad

My dad Lived from March 12th 1943 to October 13th 2017.  He was a super hero to me. Among his many talents he enjoyed poetry for different family and friend occasions.  I don’t feel they should be kept in a folder somewhere never to be seen by anyone ever again so I took the time to photo copy all of the ones I could find and upload them here for anyone who wishes to read my super hero dads creations =)  I love you Dad I can’t wait to see you again after I live a full and happy life here on earth. Click on the image previews of the ones you’d like to see in full size…

Born too Soon

We are Crystal’s Class of Nineteen Sixty One

The Ballad of John Wayne Bobbitt

Still Swinging

Still Most Gross

Our Family Tree

Our Family Tree

Merry Christmas Sufornas

Merry Christmas Smiths

Merry Christmas Mayers

Merry Christmas Larry and Deb

Merry Christmas Don and Connie

Merry Christmas Connie and Connie

Merry Christmas Birkenmeyers

Merry Christmas Barbara

Merry Christmas Auclairs

Marcella’s Christmas Card

Joannas Christmas Card

I Look so Old Because..

Holiday Food for Thought

Happy Birthday Grams

Golf Memories at Christmas Time

Golfing Dreams

Fifty very very hard years continued

Fifty Very Very Hard years

Christmas Blessings

















































































































Would you like to read more about my Super Hero Dad? When he passed on I wrote a lot to cope with it all. I did a search for the term “Dad” on my website search engine. I don’t know if this one term captures everything I wrote but here is a lot of if you’re interested: http://tombirkenmeyer.com/?s=dad&submit.x=0&submit.y=0

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