Kenosha Riots

As someone who LIVES in #Kenosha witnessing the violence the world is focused on right now, I need to share with you the BIGGEST mistake outlets are making in covering this and how it’s causing more perpetual violence instead of less..

There is a polar opposite difference between peaceful protestors whom we love, and violent agitators who take us 10 steps backwards on our mission.

When an individual is violent toward innocent people and their property they make it less possible for justice and systemic change.

The media and political figures are missing this point and it’s too important to over look. We want meaningful productive protest for justice and systemic change. The violent agitators are NOT part of the protests.

Having been a Kenosha resident for 30 years, and counting, and being present in the moment, I’m seeing the damage caused to innocent people and their property first hand by people who have nothing to do with black lives matter or any legitimate protests.

It’s BEYOND IMPORTANT everyone in our country recognize the difference between protestors for change, and violent agitators harming innocent people.

Push back against ANY and ALL outlets and narratives that use phrases like, “Violent Protestors” or “Protests turning violent” because if enough people buy into this gross narrative of equating protestors to violent agitators then we will never evolve and the violent ones will win.

Please share this. We need to get this CORRECT messaging out there and END the violence.


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