My 1st workout since my Dads Passing..

My 1st workout since my Dads Passing..
2 weeks ago today, Fri Oct 13th, I woke up organically an hour or so before the sun rise. Laying there in bed anxious to visit my dad that morning in the hospital I thought to myself I’d go and get in a great workout and a shower since I can’t see him for a few more hours anyway. Worked out, showered, did some facebook stuff, drove to the hospital, sat in the parking lot for a few minutes before walking in praying hard for some good news and posted something on my facebook timeline about how STARVED I am for some good news. Feel free to scroll back two weeks ago today you’ll see my post and then the post I made much later in the evening that day about my fathers passing.
I got to see my dad that morning for my last time physically while he still occupied his temporary physical body for 74 years. He was totally alert, sharp, aware, just not able to talk much because he was struggling hard to breath. I said a few things during my two hour morning visit but mostly I just sat there because I didn’t want him to focus on both talking and breathing. Just breathing was a big enough chore for him. So I just sat in silence visiting only to say something once and a while. He knew I was there. I walked in all stealth like and sat down next to him. After a second he looked up and knew he had a visitor =)
I won’t go into all the details in this post. I did that in another very long heart wrenching post a week or so ago. I’m going to have all of my posts around my fathers passing collected on a page I’m making within my tom birkenmeyer dot com website so for those of you interested, you’ll be able to read them all there. There are lots of messages of healing in those posts. Lots of emotion. It’s as it was all happening so it’s un filtered, un fettered, just pure heart unreserved. It is my therapy. It can also be help for others, too.
Today I did a workout from the Power Half Hour Program by Beachbody and Tony Horton. I use these programs regularly and I sell them proudly. My dad was proud of me for practicing what I’ve been “preaching” about these programs and nutritionals. He was impressed with my original before / after transformation. From “scrawny to brawny”..LoL
My dad was also proud of me for how I behave as someone who uses and sells these programs. He hates the typical behavior of telemarketers and other home business owners. He loved the way I do it. He loved how I’m the same person doing this. I didn’t become someone I’m not to do this and I have to believe that’s why I’ve been able to create success where others fail. Others become someone they are not and tick off their friends and family. I remained true to who I am so I was able to fire my boss, buy my house in cash, be there for my family and my dad during those most precious moments without having to check in with a gatekeeper or worry about being covered financially.
Here is how I do it (I’m sharing this with you so you can do it too)…
You see me engaged in my own journey that is specific to me with help from the beachbody catalog of home fitness and nutritionals sharing my journey openly and honestly with the mistakes, the challenges, and my little victories that I score out of the ashes of big setbacks…
If you love health and fitness like I do, and you’re interested in making some money in health and fitness like I am, or if you just want to get healthy without making some extra money, Private Message me.
I love you dad I’m gonna keep making you proud of me working with the willing who wanna get healthy physically and financially.

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