Since my dads passing this year I’ve found myself softening up in a way I didn’t see coming

Since my dads passing this year I’ve found myself softening up in a way I didn’t see coming..
As for me, today, when someone is mean and nasty all I see in them is emotional pain from something that they are trying to cope with and all I want to do is hug them.
Crazy? Liberal? Dumb? Weak? I don’t think so…
I don’t hug them because it could get me punched in the face..LoL
But the urge is there because honestly I just see pain in them even as they are lashing out with unmitigated meanness.
I’m actually enjoying how this feels.
It’s a DEEPLY peaceful enlightened feeling that I don’t know how else to explain. I’d even call it Emotional Bliss.
Blood pressure is relaxed and stays even. I would argue that weakness would be when you lose control over your blood pressure and you become triggered. It’s a normal human response but it doesn’t make triggered erratic blood pressured responses right. It’s just something to figure out and improve through our own very individual journeys of personal growth and development.
The only thing I personally demonize is the act of inaction in ones own perpetual personal growth and development which seems to be most people, sadly.
I can see my dad just shaking his head at me over this “I just wanna hug everyone” response because my dad would snap back as mostly anyone else would, too..LoL
However, my dad fought back much more brilliantly than anyone I’d ever seen because he was an intellectual genius with Encyclopedic knowledge about ANYTHING he was interested in. He could have been a Trial Lawyer and MASTER litigator if he wanted. But in his passing, its just so completely different. I just want to hug anyone in pain even those who cope with their pain less than gracefully.
Does that make sense?
Feel free to share this backwards way of thinking and feeling.
I love you Dad,

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