My sweet mom passed away this morning from covid-19

🙁 I was able to spend the last 15 hours of her life with her up to her last breath and one hour after that. She didn’t have to die alone and without family like so many other covid patients do so we received a wonderful priceless gift from the ICU Nurses.

I’m more heart broken over this than any other girl in my life. I’m out of parents now. It’s like a new beginning where I start off very disoriented. My mom didn’t make it, but she did make it to heaven today to be with my Dad, her mom and dad, and everyone else who passed before her.

Mom I love you so much, I miss you terribly, I’m crying uncontrollably as I type this and I will cry randomly for a while. Nobody can fill this void you were simply born to be my mom and my little brothers mom <3 <3 <3 <3

This is sooooooo hard but there is a lot of empathy and support out there because it’s a common occurrence in our lives.

THANK YOU to everyone who checked in on me and my mom over the last few weeks you mean the WORLD to me.

Today I make funeral arrangements with my brother.

Stay healthy and happy <3


July 18th 20:36
am legit sick for the first time in 13 years as of yesterday. My only symptom is bad head congestion and 102 degree temperature. Share your best remedy?

I guess no matter how healthy you live your body has to learn something new at least once every 13 years lol

I’ll write more later. Happy 43rd birthday to me for July 19th 1977.

July 19th 21:02

My mom tested positive for covid in the hospital 🙁

I’m getting tested tomorrow. I just lost my dad 2 1/2 years ago. I hope my mom pulls through. This sucks. 🙁

July 22nd 13:53

My mom was just transferred to ICU this morning with a BiPap 🙁 Drs give my mom 50/50 shot at surviving Covid. If you pray, please offer them..

Today they are beginning blood plasm treatment from someone who beat covid. The Dr explained to me they’ve learned a lot about how to treat covid patients since this started and continue to learn.

I am scared. Before this I was clinging on to the fact she was not in ICU or on a ventilator. She’s still not on a ventilator but she is in ICU now on a BiPap and the ventilator is next if the blood plasma treatment does not work.

August 7th

My sweet moms Obituary is now published. Feel free to share. My mom knew and worked with a lot of people over the years of her life. The more this is shared the more people who knew her at any given phase of her life will learn of her passing <3 <3

My mom loved her family and friends so much. I’ve always only ever heard how fun my mom is to be around. Whether it’s the poker table, at work, a social gathering, everyone loved my mom <3

August 8th

It was one week ago today at this hour I watched my mom take her last breath with my hand on her head and my voice telling her I love her. My mom was loved as she crossed over. I miss you mom I can’t wait to see you and dad again.

August 14th

Early this morning I had the biggest emotional break down I’ve had since the day my mom passed on, August 1st.
I was doing so good for the past week and a half.

Just random moments I’d get chocked up thinking about stuff.

Today I did good to because that kind of a cry renews the soul it feels like.

I don’t know why I even call it a break down. I just had a really good cry that forced me to stop everything else I was doing to get it out of my system.

The memory that triggered it was a few years ago after my dad passed on, my moms husband of over forty years, my mom found reason to smile during that sad time because she was with me.

I was the reason she felt comfort during that time.

I’m beyond moved and touched that I could have been that source of comfort and support for my mom right after she lost her husband and my awesome dad.

It brought me to tears so heavy I was forced to stop everything else I was doing this morning and cry for a spell to get it out.
I miss you mom. I love you so much.

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