Show me a politician who says the green New Deal bans cows and air travel and I’ll show you a politician who gets legally bribed by the fossil fuel industry.

Show me a constituent who believes the green New Deal bans air travel and cows and I will show you a sucker who could give Obama and Clinton suckers lessons on how to be bigger suckers.

Thankfully the green New Deal has majority support with Republicans Democrats and independent voters. The only majority left that we have to get on board is the majority of Congress but unfortunately they take money from the fossil fuel industry preventing them from representing their constituents.

Unfortunately the most bought and paid for legally bribed politician in the entire country is President Pinocchio right after he ran an entire campaign promising that he would never take money from the establishment.

We have more than a trillion dollars per year to give welfare to a fragmentation of billionaires and to help a country commit a literal genocide but we don’t have money to deal with climate change.

Remember when FDR said the New Deal was too ambitious and we should never do it? Neither do I because the New Deal became law and we saw our country flourish and give birth to the largest middle-class the world ever saw 🙂

The very few politicians we have in Congress who are not bribed by the fossil fuel industry have a great idea in mind! They want a bold New Vision like the new deal but call it the green New Deal to deal with our new modern most catastrophic challenges. Instead of spending trillions per year on welfare for the richest people in the goddamn country and instead of helping another country commit a literal genocide we could use that money right here at home on a massive infrastructure and jobs program to get us off all fossil fuels within 12 years.

Next election cycle is only two years away and there is a plethora of candidates to vote for who openly rejects all corporate Pac and lobbyist money.

Make America for the people again.



P.s. I’m happy to have agreements and disagreements with people but I will be happily deleting posts that are not rooted in objectivity. I love a true battle of ideas not a battle of realities. Feel free to share.

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