Something that bugs the sh** out of me to no end..

ex President Obama is largely admired while current president Pinocchio is largely hated even though they both work for the same donors who legally bribe them.

It’s the superficial cognitive dissonance in our culture that really baffles me.

Trump has Mean Tweets while Barack is a polished nice guy so the majority of the country hates Trump but loves Obama.

I wish our society would look Beyond The Superficial surface and realize they are both similar scumbags Who Sold us out working for the same donors who legally bribed them.

I take some comfort at least in knowing Bernie Sanders is by far away the single most popular politician in the country and he is running for president taking a zero donor or bribe money from corporate Pacs or lobbyists 🙂


P.s. support Obama, trump, Bush, Clinton it really doesn’t matter. Republican or Democrat. You’ve all been had.


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